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peer is the enemy? May 31st, Jingdong invited 10 There was no parallel in history. mobile phone manufacturers and brand fans, to participate in the "mobile phone Jingdong concert" fan festival. With the usual single brand mobile phone manufacturers "alone", the fans will gather at the same venue to apple, Samsung, millet, the glory of the great God, Nubian, Lenovo, 1+, Motorola, orange and other 10 Nubian mobile phone brand manufacturers and fans, and the fans in communication, feedback to the ladder the theme of the setting of many fans of PK, interactive games, can be described as a "machine", the super passionate love "fun event".

see the various different dress Viagra fans, excited with a stage under debate, playing games, enjoyable, heart instantly confused: in addition to the celebration of the 618 mobile phone big promotion is approaching, is what kind of, let the Jingdong have such courage, dare to break the industry practice, the peer friends, all the old and recent grudges brand fans invited to open the ladder with


was found after reflection, Jingdong is very smart, this is a brand new concept of Jingdong and mutually beneficial marketing platform in Jingdong: fans, the "thin between the fans and the brand point of communication, to large network brand fans and a Jingdong advocate" on the net "communication. For the Jingdong, fans of the platform is more viscous, single fans "output" more; for the brand, with the ability to help Jingdong brand fans, with the Jingdong brand platform to help find fans, for the fans better welfare, Why not?


do fan experience: a single brand can not do, Jingdong to

"Internet plus" era, fans of marketing is very popular. Whether it is selling mobile phones, selling shirts or selling ducks, selling socks, are doing fan marketing. In order to do the fans have to build their own single brand, a fan from the platform, product, promotion, service, mutual effort, under the original capital, is typical of millet, in order to maintain the enthusiasm of children do Rice noodles, today a, tomorrow a promotion, then the next day a new smell, very lively. Not all brands have the time and energy to do fan marketing, that could really ensure the comprehensive needs of fans? Like millet of the declaration, "born to have a fever, in addition to the feelings of hope, millet products and services are to" have a fever "experience, to make fans feel. Said but really can do this thing, or have to Jingdong such a large platform side.

to logistics, for example, rice millet children’s day up to 2 million 120 thousand units behind the high sales volume, is a lot of rice children still can not get the phone’s pain, which undoubtedly hurt the enthusiasm of the fans invested. In the huge sales to ensure fans for the first time received that their favorite products have a fever, I am afraid this is not a single brand can be guaranteed, and the Jingdong logistics is to "211", "night", "speed up" security "have a fever" delivery experience, such as "speed up" 3 hours you can harvest. To finance as an example, if the fans want to buy a mobile phone, how to do do not have the funds available > IOUs Jingdong?

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