B2C’s future will go from here

the Internet is our fourth industrial revolution, the Internet has gradually in our lives and work, has been applied in various fields. No matter how the future, B2C online shopping, is certainly a very big cake.

look at a few of the current development model B2C chiefs know:

Dangdang [dangdang.com], started to do books, now operating books, music, film and television, sports, clothing, home, beauty, mother, food, digital home appliances, such as 10 channels. From which we see not hard, no matter what the website to do their own, do a professional, Dangdang is the professional books, as long as the accumulation of a good field, you want to develop to any area that is not easy. Recently, Tencent and Dangdang seems to engage in a rebate of [fanli.qq.com], only temporary support dangdang.com shopping rebates, rebates that can be used to buy the business of a Tencent, or directly with caifutong withdrawals can be. Dangdang can be seen by the hands of Tencent to boost their business.

[redbaby.com.cn] red child, do maternal and child products started, and now runs a baby products, personal care, cosmetic products, health delicacy, home life, nutrition and health, consumer electronics, etc. the following 7 channels, there are many sub channels, can do the work, take the foot of the RMB, but he also has a red child according to his features, his current mode, to expand the product line, continue to use its current promotion way. Then he is now the main energy spent on the stage of the project above [redmall.com.cn] seemingly red children are interested in the domain name COM.CN, 2 stations are the domain name. Staging shopping, a thing is very new, take the credit card online and offline shopping. Such things as convenient. Who want to try it.

wrote here looks like a little help them 2 AD suspects, this is not to say ha. At present, the gradual transformation of each B2C, but their direction and the field is not the same. Dangdang is a big case, which may be a lot of things we can not be compared, but probably the pattern we can see, everyone in the entrenched example, until spring.

more than a little personal opinion, if there is error, please paizhuan.

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