Three elements of user experience in B2C website operation


user experience for any website user experience is very important, do good sites have better viscosity, helps to keep your target customers, especially for the operation of B2C website, only good user experience, when consumers arrive at your website he will stay. The purpose of the B2C site in the end or sales, there is no good user experience can not retain customers will not have good sales. So how should the B2C site user experience it?

1, do a good job of the site’s product display

some people say that the traditional sales of goods we sell, but also to a large extent, the network sales are pictures. Because of the limitation of network, consumers can not truly feel all sorts of experience goods for him, but this time, your products to do good or bad or not in a certain extent determines the quality of sales you.

2, network payment convenient

the whole process of e-commerce should be completed through the network, of course, including the payment link. With the rise of online shopping, online shopping platform Taobao online payment business full of sound and colour, also obtained the very good development. On behalf of the third party payment, such as Alipay, caifutong and other development, to enable consumers to complete the electronic commerce of the whole shopping experience, so that consumers really feel the convenience of online shopping.

network consumption largely belong to impulse consumption, when consumers on your website to see when a product has a strong appeal to him, he will try to communicate with you, largely will immediately purchase desire, and if you do online payment well, for a long time, this kind of impulsive consumption tends to rational


is now more and more popular diamond class B2C website, following the diamond bird and a lot of businesses. For example, Guli LAN diamond ( network, including the establishment of the popular third party payment early they provide users with the payment on the website: Alipay and caifutong and fast money in three ways, but with the development of enterprises, they have been with the bank financial institutions online mall cooperation with banking institutions such as guarantee, to increase consumer confidence is very helpful.

diamond for this luxury, prices are generally thousand yuan first million dollars, if paid through the network to a lot of people may be a concern, this is also the consumer e-commerce background for network security concerns, to solve this problem for sale will solve a major bottleneck. I believe that in addition to the major banks can also be considered in addition to cash on delivery.

in electronic commerce background, with more and more people join the ranks of online shopping, for consumers who provide a variety of payment methods, allowing consumers to fully experience the convenience, who will win the market


3, commodity transport >

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