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Ding Lei through video and student representatives, representatives of workers to communicate.

guests: NetEase founder, CEO Ding Lei


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struggle, is always the theme of the younger generation. Faced with this word, today’s "80", "90" has more contradictions: the ideal and the reality of choice, opportunities and traps between the wandering…… Today’s youth should choose what kind of struggle


Ding Lei, founder and CEO of NetEase. As a young idol, Ding Lei’s entrepreneurial story inspired a generation of young people. What caused him to choose the road of entrepreneurship, he encouraged young entrepreneurs? Him in the eyes of the youth should have what qualities? "My youth and my regiment" series for the third phase, we through the network online dialogue Ding Lei. He used his struggle and the youth’s message, the interpretation of him in the eyes of the struggle.

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Nanfang Daily: can you talk about your teen years, the experience of your career and the choice of what impact?

Ding Lei: I went to middle school from 1983 to 1989. Because it is only a test that determines our destiny. High school classroom learning, and did not give me a lot of fun, but a lot of anxiety. Because the society is in the initial stage of the reform, young people have too much career direction, once the college entrance exam, you can only go to the farm, or for working parents.

fortunately, my high school attached great importance to the students’ interests. When I was a junior high school, I joined the radio interest group and the chemistry extracurricular interest group. In high school, when I joined the computer interest group, I was trained to know that computers can improve our work efficiency and make our work easier. I attended the University of the first batch of credit universities, which allows me to choose a wider range of hobbies. The interest group of this experience, I have a great impact on the secondary and even life.

Nanfang Daily: college graduates came to Guangzhou at the beginning of that period of time, what does it mean to you? What is your goal at the beginning of your business?

Ding Lei: my original idea was simple, to do what I love and to serve the customers. Graduated second years, I came to Guangzhou Sybase company, a monthly salary of more than 4000 yuan, I think this is my strength. My strength is how to come? I came to rely on the previous two years of continuous learning. During the two years of Sybase, when I had nothing to do, I went to the city to buy a fever dish. >

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