Detailed steps to open shop the most awesome Taobao shop mode

is a force to earn two money — the most awesome Taobao


Taobao shop is like an entrepreneurial activity, that is simple and simple, that is difficult and difficult, not only to have the capital investment, but also strive to struggle. What’s more, now Taobao shop is not so easy thing, need to pay more effort.

I want to open a Taobao shop, a long time ago wanted to open a Taobao shop, after work, I want to realize this dream. Without it, I feel that it can make a lot of money, so I can live in a grade. I am not afraid of hard work, not afraid of the people around the support and encouragement, and a rare opportunity. I am full time to guide Taobao shop, open shop contact me QQ:381713669.

at the beginning of 2014, under the encouragement and recommendation of friends, I opened a Taobao virtual shop, recharge software. I am not satisfied with only virtual trading, which is not able to give full play to my personal ability. My friend is aware of this point, so I recommend the purchase of the package version of the recharge software, that is to buy a recharge software, but also a free gift of a real Taobao software – shop baby. Two sets of software together, it cost me 600 yuan, of which recharge software worth 500 yuan, 600 yuan worth of real baby shop software, automatic delivery both belong to the basic version of the software automatically managed, but still more than I expected, the software is cheap, the effect is good. In this way, I also have two stores, and at the same time get the channel to make money of the two.

After three months of

, the virtual recharge software store grade one to 4 hearts; although the baby shop didn’t allow me to enhance the level of the real shop so much, but I saved a lot of trouble. Everything is automatic operation, working part-time and so. Until now, these two stores have given me even more money than I normally go to work. Entrepreneurship difficult? Taobao shop difficult? Forthrightly said difficult! But once the opportunity, and firmly grasp, you will find that confidence is more important than difficulties.

600 yuan to buy a set of software, you can use it, the effect is good, even if you can use, a person busy to come over? I know that many people have such a question. In fact, this is not a problem at all, what is the software is able to reduce the workload of the robot, such as auxiliary devices, these two software is to act as such a function, play a role.

virtual store – recharge software.

opened a virtual shop, the use of recharge software people know that this shop basically does not need to manage the labor force, the software itself will be able to solve a lot of problems. It will automatically deliver, will automatically handle orders. All we need to do is prepare some money in the software. Buyers to recharge, the software will automatically handle, but about a minute’s time, recharge to the buyer’s body, we prepared the funds also

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