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  lazyboots home since the new revision of the line, in addition to Tian Xiao rain to spend a lot of time to design the interface, some web page effects code followed by online collection. These codes are everywhere on the Internet, we just put him over and over, to facilitate the majority of procedures apes, designers use only, but Baidu’s interest in these content is very low. Everyone is doing, how can I stand out from it?

        I was confused at the beginning. It opens some websites usually love, such as "home owners" tiger sniffing network "A5" web site, waiting at the site, refresh every five minutes to see if there are new articles, once found, immediately copied to your website. At that time, just want to use some of the information to fill their web site to say, at least appear to enrich it, and then go to the promotion of things. Although this has also achieved some results, especially from the tiger sniffing the information on the Internet, basically are original, so Baidu is very interested, as long as the release of information, ten minutes can be included in Baidu.

        2, new content. Because of the important information posted by the famous website, I copied in a few minutes, the search engine may think that we are almost the same

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