WeChat and Taobao in the end who blocked who

believes that a lot of WeChat users have seen similar information such as the following tips. I don’t know what you will think about when you first see this tip. In a word, my question is: is this WeChat blocked the Taobao link, or Taobao blocked the WeChat



this should not be a problem, if someone asked me, I must think that the other side is stupid, always thought that many people know who shielded who. Until yesterday to do a small survey found that many people think that WeChat shield Taobao, brainwashing is quite successful. Is that really the case?

news as early as the end of 2013 there are similar news: Ali officially closed WeChat jump to Taobao goods and store channels. When the user clicks on WeChat Taobao related links, will enter the mobile phone Taobao installation page. Ali said that this is because WeChat Taobao unsafe, there are loopholes.

in this regard, Tencent official responded that WeChat, easy letter, Line, including Ali’s own production and communication, the industry will be the community of each communication class App will have a link. Taobao this mandatory ban practice, hurt the user’s communication experience, regrettable.

so the correct answer is: Taobao shielding WeChat. That is to say, "turn off WeChat to open Taobao link channel".

believes that WeChat shield Taobao, the reason they refute: Taobao will shield their traffic source?

the answer is: Yes, it will.

Why is there such a logical move

Taobao is not strange to do so, there have been many similar moves. For example, Taobao had blocked Baidu’s crawl, once screened mogujie.com and beautiful sources of traffic.

some people have questions, what are the benefits of doing so for Taobao? No good of course not. Maybe someone will remember "from last year Ali strong push when the chaos boxing operations, led directly to WeChat screen" mix ", some people will say that Taobao shield WeChat is in some sense back, perhaps this argument is set up at the time, but now," and "have no possibility to do it Taobao, why not let the

shield?The answer is

, which is related to the business model of Taobao, Taobao’s main revenue can be said to be advertising, it is through their own cash flow, the more closed loop, realizable ability is higher. If WeChat or other third party ripped a hole, there is no doubt that it will affect revenue, and is fatal. To put it simply, from a strategic point of view, the big Taobao system should not want the seller have their own free flow. You have an independent flow to promote your shop, so how to make money Taobao? If the seller has more autonomy, the final outcome may be out of amoy.

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