Run of Taobao and independent shop

Bill Gates once said that in twenty-first Century, e-commerce, or no business can be. Indeed, with the rise of 80, the protagonist of these networks into the various important sectors of society, their way of life has begun to be injected into the community, affecting the community.

is now a lot of people think that e-commerce is a Taobao, but it is a completely wrong idea, a drift of the idea, do not know who will soon be swallowed. Of course, why is this idea spread because the Chinese people do not understand e-commerce. Because Taobao to promote China’s e-commerce market to curb, in fact, this is not true, their monopoly will affect the arrival of China’s e-commerce era. I have also published a lot about the specificity of the drawbacks of Taobao, Taobao do big, but also attached to the top of Taobao. A person who wants to start a business need ambition, think of one day to have their own brand, in Taobao want to have their own brand is impossible. We analyze both of them:

1) cost analysis:

Taobao, now a lot of Taobao veteran. Originally, Taobao was a rather convenient for businesses to provide a platform for sharing, is a free, but now is not the same, they began to introduce some novice can not survive, let the veteran – Pu strategy began in anger (50 yuan per month, opened for novice decorating the shop costs about 150) shopkeeper, etc. means independent shop, now the general formal company of independent shop is to provide all in one service, the price of more than 4 thousand yuan or so, can be used for life (every year only their own continued domain name and space charge) < / p>

2) function comparison:

Taobao, the function may also be familiar with, because it is too simple, nothing can be introduced. Independent shop, then, like the Wuhan group Xiang software company, their template function is complete, have their own buy, discount sale, booking, auction, and so practical features. Style and layout can also be designed according to their own ideas, is currently the most powerful function of the online shop system shopNum1.

3) customer flow to

Taobao, a 2 year old Taobao has been successful, said: "my Taobao is very successful, but this is not my purpose, I was profitable, but I can only rely on it to profit forever. My clients, my service, I will work in nature’s garb when I leave it to the left, I could take only he was confined helpless".

independent shop, all of your services will not be wasted, you caught the customer will not be lost. Jingdong, where the customer, these rely on independent shop to create the fine future direction, they will be the normal direction of evolution, they are Li Kaifu A should permit to leave.

4) promotion

mass promotion is nothing more than the use of forum, BLOG, SNS, alumni website (such as: happy net

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