about price Jingdong double payment price

takes ownership stake of chips, and price double payment against the Jingdong store Suning, the first to enter the "hard" state. before the release of "September price difference double back" and the establishment of rules, parity proof area, parity mall directly to Jingdong. At the same time, "watch" parity website Amoy network, launched the "everyone to find the ‘bad’" the new parity tool. The tool specifically for and Jingdong 3C mall category price comparison, and gives the real-time results of parity.

reporter yesterday in the home page to see, after the difference between "double return", has introduced the corresponding rules, clear object is a Jingdong with parity mall brand manufacturers authorized in the sale, formal quality, formal invoice, and with merchandise sold by, even the color must be the same.

also showed that the release of information to the executive vice president Li Bin price of micro-blog or official forum upload through the proof activity area price difference between "double return", will try to return to the consumer vouchers account. However, cash on delivery is not part of the event. If the same item appears several times only to the first proof, submitted proof of customer making gift coupons.

see the reporter in official forum area, parity, parity feedback is the most concentrated "computer office", "home appliances" and "digital" and "TV video" four plates. As of press time reporter, computer office area a total of 479 people reply, browse over ten thousand people. "Air conditioning", "refrigerator washing machine" two electric area, the number of people involved in parity less. The cumulative recovery of these two plates is still less than the computer office area of 20%.

as of press time, a scouring network data show that has 4176 pieces, 13364 pieces of 3C commodity mall Jingdong. 841 of the goods are sold at the same time. In comparison to the two prices, a total of 252 same price, has 452 cheaper price, the Jingdong has 137 pieces of low price mall. The industry believes that a scouring network data only statistics the number of low-priced goods, can not fully explain the merits of the two companies who are inferior.

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