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baby diarrhea? The baby is sick in the end how to take medicine? Baby small accident, how to deal with an emergency? Your baby in the process, is not often encounter this or that little trouble? Don’t worry, from October 16th onwards, there will be a number of well-known pediatric expert Group on the line, one answer your confusion — this is the maternal electricity supplier honey bud in the 5 anniversary of the establishment of user feedback, to launch a special 9 – including Ji Lianmei invited well-known pediatric experts live online.


famous medical experts unveiled honey bud App


live together honey bud UFH and large white mother family doctor, doctor, Dudu windmill Pediatrics, amcare willow school district (in alphabetical order) and other institutions and platforms, invited well-known medical institutions of Beijing famous authority in pediatrics. For example, Beijing united family rehabilitation hospital pharmacy director Ji Lianmei, Beijing United Family Rui Peng, deputy director of the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital pediatrician Li Huiling, deputy director of amcare willow school district physician Wang Hui, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, children’s hospital doctor Huang Hui, Director General Department of Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University Du Zhigang, deputy director of the Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Pediatrics physician Wen Chunling, Army General Hospital, deputy director of pediatric physicians Zhang Yan, national certification and family counseling teachers deep nursery teacher Guo Yu fir.

it is understood that the doctor’s expert live, will begin in October 16th, has continued until October 24th, every day for a theme, and the exchange of mothers in detail. Moreover, in the October 24th broadcast, honey bud CEO Liu Nan, will also be a "mother rabbit" identity, together to discuss the various problems of the baby medication and Hebei Lianmei.

there are mothers in the medical aspects of parenting confusion, remember to move a small stool, login honey bud APP on time, and you like the expert interaction Oh!

"content is king" casting the moat

maternal electricity supplierThe

, on the 5 anniversary of the establishment of the United Family, together, honey bud amcare and other well-known hospital pediatric doctors launched live online, is for "Honey bud and a typical case of" build.

the second half of 2016, broadcast has become a major electricity supplier platform "standard". Usually to live, big promotion to live. In the face of this electricity supplier + live format play, how to play a new idea, make more practical and quality of content, is the honey bud has been thinking.

as the first maternal electricity supplier in the field of broadcasting platform, honey bud again playing a big difference: not only focus on single promotional sellers, is in the lead users shopping at the same time, to the multi dimension divergence, to provide more professional and abundant parenting solutions.

this, honey bud will be a seamless convergence of pediatric experts and maternal and child populations, once again created a precedent in the field of maternal and child electricity supplier: domestic Pediatrics

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