n order to improve the Taobao mobile phone business deposit fraud results in doubt

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) taobao.com revealed plans next month to improve mobile phone security charge standard, from the original 1000 yuan transferred to 10 thousand yuan, to combat platform more and more mobile phone sales fraud.

due to the major electricity supplier platform could improve the deposit fee trend, many businesses also questioned: gold can really improve against those illegal businesses? Deposit will become white electricity supplier an interest free money


thousand yuan deposit difficult to protect

in March of this year, Ms. Feng spent on the Taobao market price is equivalent to half of the price to buy a Samsung i9100 phone, but found it was a fake phone, contact the seller to find the other party has disappeared. In desperation, Ms. Feng complained to Taobao. Taobao, according to Ms. Feng provided documents to determine the establishment of their complaints, so Ms. Feng made the first payment.

reporter learned from Taobao, from September last year to this year in April, a number of sellers to use the platform to launch a low-cost mobile phone fraud behavior has been increasing trend. According to customer service department feedback, as of April 2013, Taobao has nearly 2400 buyers in advance payment.

at present, Taobao’s mobile phone sellers need to pay 1000 yuan a year margin, when the Seller appears to sell fake and other issues such as the need to compensate customers, the compensation fee will be deducted from the deposit.

but because consumers buy mobile phone products produced by the order of the average price of 1400 yuan, and 1000 yuan deposit businesses have been unable to achieve the security requirements, and now, in the high-end smart mobile phone market to enhance the proportion of transactions, the original consumer transaction service customer service margin has been far from satisfying a mobile phone trading price, making some rush into danger. The business of improper trading cost penalties to fear.

in this regard, Taobao revealed plans to raise the margin of the class of mobile phones in the next month to collect standards, from the original 1000 yuan raised to $10 thousand.

two questions

mobile phone market has been one of the largest online shopping platform is one of the most active market, but also the highest volume of consumer complaints. In this regard, Tmall, Jingdong, QQ online shopping mall, dangdang.com business platform adopts the margin system to constrain businesses, and rose again standard margin trend, such as the Jingdong mall last year on the part of the business to raise the deposit standard. But to improve the margin of the business will be able to achieve the purpose of resolving disputes, improve the quality of service


can really restrict business?

reporter found that the electricity supplier platform margin threshold is mostly 10 thousand ~3 million, in fact, it is difficult for businesses to play a deterrent, even some of the brand flagship store, the maximum margin is only $150 thousand.

media reported that in 2011 Taobao’s "Star Mall merchants movement shops selling counterfeit addidacer >

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