Change electricity supplier shopping guide platform beautiful left, right off 800

Taobao electricity supplier has been developed for 11 years, these years, the birth of a series of thousands of Taobao platform and services, the electricity supplier is one of the third.

The rise of


change electricity supplier shopping guide platformAbout

from the beginning of the 08 years, large and small shopping guide stations like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out, there are two reasons: first, the quality of products and the amount of Taobao Shanghai uneven in quality make shopping efficiency becomes very inefficient; second, fierce competition Taobao merchants make marketing costs increased. In this context, the third party shopping guide platform should be potential, and its performance for the use of social networking platform to convey electricity to the user, the electricity supplier shopping guide transformation of up to about 10%, much higher than the Taobao system of 3%.

ceiling is the platform provider downstream face once the platform, immediately lose living space. With the third party shopping entrance flow becomes large, Taobao began to fade. Shopping guide platform had to change, which is the most representative beautiful and 800 fold.

beautiful said to the left: turned vertical platform electricity supplier

09 years to set up the beauty that is always a representative vertical shopping guide platform based on the social interest, two years after the emergence of, the two platform was able to import Taobao 300-500 million UV every day, become the star on behalf of shopping guide station. With the platform have had a honeymoon period, but the rapid growth of shopping guide platform for Taobao’s exclusive entrance flow is affected, which is behind the direct benefits of touch, with a 08 year ban Baidu is exactly the same: to secure the market order as a reason to cut off the external traffic entrance to ensure ecological Amoy advertising within.

Ali is said to have acquired the intention to buy these two shopping guide website, but the last beautiful said to accept the investment of Tencent, has chosen to finance the development of independent. Now that I can not be used, only the ban.

but let Ali may be disappointed: ban did not put to death the other side, let the other hand the rapid growth and diversion of your own user group. Beautiful and are transformed.

Amoy decrease in commission, the chain blocked this process, said the beautiful and rapid transformation, fast on-line advertising system and shopping platform of their own, according to two figures, the current monthly turnover of each platform has reached the billion scale. Xu Yirong announced in February the company’s monthly birthday party, this year to achieve sales of 3 billion yuan (GMV), next year to do $7 billion 500 million, net profit of 10%, the company’s market value will reach $5 billion. If honesty is so, then the beautiful and as the representative of the interest based social shopping platform is to find a way out.

turned right off 800: offbeat sale mode

said if a beautiful shopping guide Station users belong to the white-collar bourgeoisie, then to 800 fold as the representative price discount site can only be called poor grass root, and in fact, this group.

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