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in recent years, due to the rise of 90, 80 parents, and the huge market demand, the explosive growth of the trend of maternal and child market institutions, is expected in 2015, maternal and child market will exceed 2 trillion yuan; the rapid development of the Internet and the baby products market, the market cake will be more and more, so the market competition will be more and maternal the more intense, in addition to Tmall, Jingdong and other Internet giants involved in, honey bud, babe network, vertical maternal electricity providers also have joined the competition at the same time, the mobile Internet is a new industry background, such as the big aunt beauty grapefruit also enters the market.

maternal and fetal B2C market growth, vertical demand significantly

according to a data Analysys think tank shows that the second quarter of 2015, trading China maternal and child category B2C market reached 28 billion 520 million yuan, an increase of 30.9%, including Tmall, Jingdong and the Su Ninghong children were 46.9%, 22.8% and 5.6% of the market share occupied the top three, and later as in sale mode and cosmetics started have also entered the market mother appeared honey bud, babe network, entrepreneurial companies coupled with the theme of cross-border maternal, maternal and child market pattern clear.

the main products from the electricity supplier maternal infant supplies and mother supplies, mother supplies accounted for 13.6% of the market share; infant supplies and mainly to children’s shoes, formula and toy books accounted for 23.5%, 17.3% and 15.3% of the market share leader. Maternal and child products because of their special working group on product quality, service and safety requirements than the price factor, thus becoming the main standard purchase, category segmentation standard more and more into the market, with category expansion, diversified development, the demands of obvious vertical subdivision.

integrated platform and vertical electricity supplier market dispute

Tmall, Jingdong these two Internet giants do not worry about users and traffic, accounting for the total share of the mother and child market share of the top two, but also has not stopped in the layout of the maternal and child market. Such as Tmall invested in cross-border cooperation with maternal O2O, Australia’s first daughter Lu Jiexi Lu Jiexi in June this year, micro-blog announced her Tmall flagship store shop, mainly engaged in maternal and child supplies purchasing and management, brand mother of American actress Honest also said it would cooperate with the Alibaba to enter the Tmall international group; Jingdong, at the end of July this year, Wyeth’s the brand of BabyNes and Jingdong through the aspects of infant nutrition circulation reached a strategic cooperation, in September 12th, to the "infant feeding Raiders love wisdom" as the theme of the first phase of JD mother to help offline activities in the Jingdong flagship store experience mother held in warm, Jingdong is to maternal store as a platform to improve the interaction with consumers thus, the line under the accelerated layout.

in recent years, with the success of Zulily open and foreign mother sale platform for cross-border electricity supplier policy, to stimulate the development of the domestic vertical electricity supplier, maternal vertical >

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