The traditional enterprise network marketing mode under the condition of e-commerce talent shortage

Electronic commerce

potential auxiliary marketing of traditional brand enterprises is a kind of development trend, the effective use of the network marketing business tools, can help the enterprise profit, enterprises to enter the e-commerce, we must explore a dislocation competition, differentiated service road, and gradually develop and grow, become a new force to promote and enhance the formation of industry. At present, the majority of e-commerce practitioners tend to have only the electricity supplier industry experience, for the understanding of traditional industries, is very lacking, some electricity suppliers practitioners can even be said to be zero experience. At the same time, the traditional industries and e-commerce have in-depth understanding, and have practical experience of talent, especially high-end management personnel, e-commerce projects, it is very important.

each industry has its own rules of the game and the road, if the electricity supplier practitioners lack of adequate understanding of these doorways, will grow in truth and sweat more time, but all failed to money as a final price. Due to the lack of in-depth understanding of traditional industries, resulting in the project has repeatedly encountered obstacles, and even make a lot of shallow joke, similar to the electricity supplier cases, see a lot of. Marketing link is an important part of the enterprise e-commerce transformation need to pay attention to. Although e-commerce is now in full swing, but it is not difficult to see the potential bottleneck of its development. The logistics cost increase, the corresponding tax to improve and continue to strictly, the number of e-commerce sites to increase market share and reduce lead to vicious competition market price, the electronic commerce website from the angle of technology and design more and more easy to be copied, the transformation of electronic commerce business entities in the marketing aspects of the general need to do the following work:

1, the establishment of enterprise e-commerce website

whether it is to do the marketing website, or other type of website, website of the meaning of existence is in order to meet the needs of users, users need to provide information and information, to give its content and services. Marketing station is the case, we do the purpose of marketing website is to sell, in order to sell products, the site is a window, is the store, is directly facing the user’s terminal. Users browse our website, the first impression is very critical. If you feel that your site is not professional, can not find what he wants, then the next time he will not visit again, you lost a potential customer. There are many ways to build a website, many companies believe that the construction site is a large amount of capital and technical strength of the work, so prohibitive. In fact, the enterprise website construction can be carried out in a variety of ways, there are three main ways:

self built website: the highest cost of this way, the highest technical requirements, mainly for large enterprises. Enterprises to build their own web server, the Internet cable access, so that users can visit the company’s Web site.

Server Hosting: is to build their own servers in the network operator’s office, that has strong network technology ISP (Internet service providers, network operators) responsible for the technical work.

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