Every day want to do the highest level of content business a good article is a live ad


"trading" the matter of today’s entrepreneurs on the upgrading of consumption has not as difficult as in the wave of media business, do a little red book from the UGC community seamless transactions; and delicacy provider ENJOY, fine content is a selling point to attract users, but also focus on the transaction.

Although the two companies

model is considered a success, but every day around the corner to do third kinds of: the content of the class to drive consumer lifestyles. Every day now brings together the world’s Li and Du Shaofei and Yu Xiaoge are very active in the know and micro-blog WeChat fashion class from the media.

founder Ji Xu is a technical background, so do every day from the beginning, Ji Xu was going to make it a through technical means of content distribution platform, which was inspired by today’s headlines, but also the future of every key force.

consumer demand for the quality of life is more and more intense, and in the pursuit of quality of life and want to live between the quality of life there is a barrier, how to satisfy the users of a better way of life is the pursuit of "every day" doing things.

although the media platform has attracted a number of users began to pay attention to every day, but how to expand the size of the user and the realization of content, but also a day to face the problem.

focus on the quality of fashion lifestyle

is so important, because Ji Xu insisted that at this stage the content also has its own significance in the transaction: to meet the needs of users for premium content on the one hand, on the other hand is to educate users, help users to find a better life. Ji Xu hopes to meet the needs of the user in the course of the content, while achieving the purpose of driving transactions.

is the same as the user’s demand for news, Ji Xu believes that users have the same content of lifestyle requirements, but now the user needs have not been excavated and meet.

so every day to focus on the production of quality content, which includes both the original, but also from the media articles. Now every APP above consists of "every day", "discovery" and "column" three sections, "every day" column will be responsible for the content of people every day to push a selection of articles; and the "discovery" column will be based on the user’s age, location and other basic information and search content, residence time such as browsing habits for its push for the original article; "column" is the author gathered all settled. Only responsible for controlling the quality and content of the column, and the user is responsible for the selection of their favorite content.

The highest level of

content business: content is advertising?


content in every fashion class, let every content is like a moved online fashion magazine. But different users will still have personalized needs.

through a daily

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