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network world, said to be virtual. But he was making it happen. So, in fact, if you know people who have to help the cause will be twice the result with half the effort, and the same is true of the network world. But the network is often connected to the network through the network to understand. You are very familiar with him in the network, but you don’t even know him when you are in reality. Well, this is a digression. Now to the point. I can only choose a few sites to let you know more people, but to find what kind of person or you need to find out. Why would I say the Internet world. Need a lot of contacts?

first: no matter what the webmaster. For doing station. You’re going to have technical problems. Then. What do you do. If in reality. You have such a friend, that’s a good solution, but if you don’t. Only find. Is it easy for you to find someone who you think fit?. There are so many people on the Internet, but there are few people who can help you. I’m here to recommend a website http://s.community.csdn.net/ (this is not my station). I’m not so NB. Can you find a technician, it depends on your ability. Ha-ha。 This is technically.

In fact,

: space quotient. You want to buy a good space provider. For me, this is a kind of network, how do you know. The space you buy is not good. Then you have to go to the space business. First, don’t buy his space. Let’s see if he’s good enough. Competent. The answer to your question is whether he will satisfy you. IDC a lot of words to say they are very rubbish, buy space before you give money, you are god. After giving the money. You don’t even have grandchildren. So Know one or several space business for any webmaster is a must. If the space trader is very satisfied with you, but his space is not so satisfied with you. You have to make friends with him. I’ve met such a space dealer before. I’m very satisfied with his attitude. But his space is something I can’t stand. But I also want to make friends with him, where he bought a domain name or not, the other is a good service attitude of the space business is too little. I can’t give any recommendation here. Depends on your ability. Say a word here. You get what you pay for. But good goods are not cheap.

third: webmaster. Know more webmaster is better. Especially with you to do the same type of station. Why do I say it’s best to do the same type of station with you, because everyone is doing the same station. What are his strengths. You can go to steal. If you have any shortcomings, you can also make a comparison with him. Where to put the ads. The best seller is your competitor. That’s what I think. Because everyone’s theme is the same, so members of the group is almost the same. The competition is your best teacher. Webmaster where

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