Good marketing is how to make the picture

How do you

business owners, shop owners, why should the vision do? I believe many people will say that vision is packaged well, do good, enquiries rate is higher, the greater the possibility of transactions. Yes, that’s true. But I will then ask, what is the good vision? Some people will say that

is beautiful!

is that so? Let’s take a look at the picture.


this picture I personally feel good?. But we understand this picture to express what? Maybe I was too stupid, I see this picture for a long time, but really did not understand the so-called "image analysis" from which several dimensions with "portrait"? It is we who contact the Internet often can understand "portrait analysis of the word". If you change the market to buy food aunt, door guard uncle, give them a look at this picture, maybe they really think you need to draw a picture of the patient, and then analyze how the following phase.

said here, I think you all understand. If you have a beautiful picture for an article, there is nothing wrong with it, because it will not bring you economic benefits directly. But if the product description page on our website, also with this beautiful but specious picture. We can think about it, if customers do not understand our products and services, how could they initiate a consultation?

if I plan "portrait" analysis of this picture, I will make a list of the dimension of analysis, that is to say, from the perspective of what is the age of patients, education level?? income? Or what before the search word? These dimensions can bring what value for customers.

I do not intend to denigrate the professional ability of the artist, I also recognized the professional quality of good art. In front of them talk about the composition, color, layout, is to display slight skill before an expert disgrace. But is this the only successful element of a marketing picture?


if you have to do Taobao experience, we should also remember this picture. Color, composition, layout, which can talk about this picture? But the real fire, but also led the baby sales. In the face of this picture, we can talk about color layout these things?

image is just to strengthen the performance of your products can bring what value, what kind of experience. For example, Dove’s definition of chocolate is silky, how do they do it?


if there is no idea of marketing, Dove designers can think of the center of the slide to the performance of chocolate? I think it is difficult!

actually do vision, not just a work of art, the operation and the market should do more, art is just the idea of landing operations to achieve the people. So, when our website vision

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