Liao Weiping the mechanism and mode of website invitation

this period to bring the guests to bring the theme is to invite the mechanism and model. We warmly discussed, the following is my personal record and experience:

A why invite mechanism?

invited GMAIL along with the mechanism in this special moment in April 1st the product promotion of the Internet, from the new Internet products are all cannot do without invitation!

What is the purpose of the


small range test 1 for new products, get the user experience and product BUG report, in order to get a break in the army product mass before the listing opportunity.

2 will be the promotion of products out, through the seed users on the use of evaluation of the product, word of mouth type, viral promotion.

3 scarcity to enhance the value of the product, some people want to live, and this is particularly strong for scarce resources.

4 direct benefit, by way of inviting people gathered directly benefit. Such as the recent red wine in Guangzhou, a wine shop will be invited to experience the experience of the boss, and rely on subsequent marketing means to gain benefits. This is the form!

key points: the scarcity of manufacturing to enhance the value of identifying the seed user. The value of the invitation code should be determined by the product, and the correlation between the seed user and the audience facing the market is more important. These two points are the premise of the success of an invitation.

user task scenarios: after obtaining the invitation to the use of the product, it is difficult to find a person to go down, then invite friends to enter. To enable the user to perform this task, Ding Xin put forward a view of the interests of the value chain. That is to say, the precondition of the invitation mechanism is that the product must be given to the inviter or the invited party. (the interest is real money or influence or help people to expand their influence, etc.)

although the case of Gmail to see its invitation to the success of a variety of factors. But its preferred seed users, the charm of the quality of the product (tracking mail, large capacity space, powerful information architecture and interaction design) is one of the most important.

What are the key factors in the

B invitation model?

The key factors of

model Public opinions are divergent. invitation, after all is the core competitiveness of the product itself, the operation mechanism of brand reputation, as well as the majority of users, the added value of products to give users.

I think it is the only way to determine whether an invitation is feasible by giving an invitation to the person and the person who is invited. As the Plover said: "the secret lies in the accurate invited" manufacturing scarce ", the precarious user can bring great psychological satisfaction, glory and madness." This is the most critical factor, no doubt. Is spread by the user, hunger marketing and news point of manufacture is the value of the invitation mode. Then invite the application of products, channels, methods, invitations

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