Website promotion five big bad idea continued share five promotion crooked trick again

wrote the website promotion 5 big bad idea, originally wanted to write 10, this time to 5, the formation of website promotion 10. Bad idea that website promotion methods are introduced in this paper is limited to increase traffic and IP, does not contain the website brand promotion, want to see the first 5 please crooked trick in A5 search 5 big bad idea: website promotion.

, Recruitment Information Promotion law. Now the financial crisis, there are a lot of people looking for work, go to the recruitment information release station, demand is not high, high pay, and then take on the site, said contact details please consult the XX website or company recruitment information! Oh, good, can bring 200-500 ranging from IP every day, the key is you in those websites and who is this popular occupation, hold their own, perhaps thousands of IP are likely to bring.

two, software promotion method. Now many webmaster and network extension workers are looking for love, mass marketing and other aspects of free software, especially those cracked version, more cattle marketing software, pre packaged set, etc. he downloaded to decompression occurs when a new password please visit the XX website for free, oh. Most people will open the site to see the traffic to a lot of


three, borrows the promotion method! This is what I found in Taobao! You always pay attention to predict those hot posts, seize the sofa, then do ads, the good grasp of the daily traffic can reach at least about 200IP, Taobao was popular, and generally replies, unlike some other sites, kantie not return card, all love


four, hype guide method! Now the network is powerful, like red hard! Think of ways to make the topic of the forum, it is best to have a female, to whom the courage, the now popular search, I do not have to say, you also know how to do this trick, technical content is too high. I have been tried by thousands of people called feeling, is really too much psychological pressure


five, the word "trick" situations! You can find my promotion methods mentioned above, in fact, all cannot do without a "cheat", free, free Q Liang Q coins is always so tempting! Including me, often free on the Q when the number.

actually I do early promotion to make frequent use of these methods, but these to flow are not stable, but for the flow of ascension does indeed have unexpected results! But the most important site is the user experience of Web site traffic will come, but you can try


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