Zhao Shifang, a college student a brief introduction to network promotion

6 months of work experience I should sum up or feel that I have learned nothing to waste for 6 months.


first of all, I just entered the company is really nothing, as a study of e-commerce, e-commerce on the current status and development of the Internet do not understand.

into the company when the manager asked me a question: what is your usual surfing habits, but also will you open the computer will do what? My answer: open the computer, some of the latest state of landing QQ view renren.com friends play DOTA, several dota play down to see QQ in the chat to see everyone this is the network, I think the Internet is also very boring reason. The Internet is really an ocean, there is any information you want, just to see if you can find it, find the entrance of this information.

into the company’s first week, my job is to register information, forum post. At that time, I was even posted on top of your posts will go up to the first do not know. I’ve never been to any forum in college. When I saw this huge amounts of posts, I think about a problem: Why are there so many people love to work after the post? Let me know actually are some work in the post, a large part is to advertise and hair stick, just in a different form.

talked about posting, then I’ll talk about what I learned on the post: here are some of the things that are posted.

1 post where to send: depending on the industry involved in your advertising. You can not always be a woman’s website to run to the medical forum to send, so that your click will certainly be very low, not to mention the conversion rate. So you have to choose a forum with the same industry or related to the site to send your ad posted. This also includes some of the major sites to let you send advertising factors. Sina, Hangzhou nineteen floor of these big sites, you want to send advertising stickers, put the code directly is impossible, you can survive up to 3 minutes of the post, the administrator immediately delete your posts. However, there are some people who do this, because these large site traffic is very large, in three minutes can also reach a high click, they want is the purpose. In fact, you can do some simple changes, you can make these posts survive. For example, not directly on the code, with anchor text links, change the color of the words, because the administrator is, they have a large number of posts to review will be wrong, fish under your posts before.

2: how to post a Haotie is not a simple matter, not an article, put your ad code on it, which is the above mentioned, your post is difficult to survive, in addition to the above mentioned can use the anchor text, change color outside. Post inside the key word is also very important, there is the correlation of keywords, keywords >

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