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free is always a good thing, especially for a money two no resources of the general webmaster. However, free is not necessarily the most effective and cost-effective tool for free behind the price is often a long time work and super execution: for example, a large number of soft writing, a chain, a large number of blog updates to wait, you have so much energy? Even if there is, you can use the energy a few hundred dollars to change? I believe that a few hundred dollars for most of the webmaster speaking is acceptable.

said here, a lot of people have to ask a few hundred dollars can do, and directly answer you: news resources and media promotion.

a simple way to check: Baidu news search, you can find your site?

news media is a large number of Companies in the nature of the large web site is widely used in the promotion, he is also recently began to slowly understand the power of media promotion. Because the media should also be built on the site’s own brand awareness, so the general small personal site is not suitable for such promotion.

but the power of news media are objective, not only can quickly let people see, but also can be transmitted outside the chain increases, IP will naturally flow. I have worked in a corporate website for a period of time, during which there is often a salesman to promote Baidu to tangle, the result is because of the construction of the site will refuse to stand outside. Baidu seems to promote a service fee of 3600 a year, before the site did not find a strategic height on the network promotion, at least do some publicity offline. Effect is not very obvious. Push hunting network is mainly active in East China, the brand is a certain basis, mainly to do human resources, headhunting recruitment, recruitment is not the focus of development. Companies such as recruitment of the company’s business operations, so if you can promote the media, and then increase the intensity of the site will be better to enhance visibility.

a chance to search the Internet news contributor, appeared "qianlong.com, China economic net, Xicihutong" dozens of large news site submission page. I persuade the boss to click into place, news submission work, a week down, YAHOO chain increased more than 2 thousand, Baidu included an increase of more than 10 thousand, which increased 36 news, Google appeared in 76. IP daily, from the previous more than 2 thousand to more than 6 thousand, did not dare to say it is the power of news media (SEO, because the average content of the construction of station still can not relax), but I believe that the news is not just to bring IP and traffic, there are more brands! Website in Baidu news appeared one day, believe that this is a brand strategy highly reflected.

recommends that at least one web site related news release every month, and then go to a number of well-known media news stations around the draft. Most of the users of these sites are local people, high visibility of the media website news articles, but also easy to be

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