Baidu red envelopes activities to small and medium site owners of some enlightenment

recently, Baidu red activity like a raging fire, all kinds of people’s participation enthusiasm is very high, this is because of the activities of the awards is really awesome. Those who look at the list released by Baidu, I believe many people heart mixed feelings, why not winning yourself?! Oh, a joke, in fact, today I want to focus on not winning not winning, but the Baidu red activities give us some enlightenment in these small webmaster.

revelation: Baidu SEO shot, what are the clouds.

The activities organized by the Baidu

, the core word is "red envelopes", Baidu this guy with a red envelope of all relevant keywords ranking of artificial interference, will hold its own activities on the front page of the show. That is to say, if the past is to "red envelopes" Related words as keywords to optimize the website, originally ranking is good, but after Baidu this activity such a stir, the top of the page is "Baidu" all, followed by some weight high on the network media reports this activity, in this case, another powerful search engine master is also incapable of action, what SEO into the clouds. Fortunately, Baidu this event is only accidental, and the time is not long, otherwise, so many rely on Baidu to feed the flow of the site can be how ah?!

Revelation two:

Misfortune may be an actual blessing.

Baidu’s campaign to occupy a number of red envelopes and related keywords ranking, but also let the red key related to a fire. From the data given by the Baidu index, since the red envelopes since the launch of Baidu, and red envelopes related keywords search volume is almost straight into the shape of the rapid rise. In other words, too many people eyes are attracted to red up, although originally with "red envelopes" words for keyword optimized website in the search rankings on the affected, but in fact they were by a Baidu red fire on a small wind, because people’s eyes are malleable, there are always some people pay attention to things beyond the "Baidu" page. So, some sites lost the rankings, but not necessarily bad luck, perhaps they get more attention. This zhongxiaozhan long enlightenment is: most of the time, the website is the impact of the effect has two sides, to borrow a large website for activities in the east wind blow.

revelation three: the interests of the people will be voluntary advertising.

believes that many involved in the activities of the red Baidu people have received Baidu sent a similar to laugh like "surprise", in the surprise, Baidu will own all kinds of products to sell. Baidu know, Baidu library, Baidu experience has become a platform for users to provide surprises. Indeed, Baidu does provide you with funny, or practical information, but in fact these information are attached to Baidu’s series of products. In order to win the prize and then search again and again, so Baidu will own advertising again and again push >

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