n Baidu know and stick to promote the webmaster to be cautious

Many webmaster friends know

love promotion website in Baidu and Baidu Post Bar, of course here, no matter whether your answer is conducive to the site to be included in Baidu, is conducive to the increase of the chain, but all things are required to do.

is not all of the sites in Baidu promotion will get good results, but some contrary. Two days ago a friend asked why the website by Baidu open open again in the QQ group. I asked him about the site, he gave me the web site, I saw a piece of his site’s chain, found that there is a Baidu post bar, Baidu know the complaint. He answers a lot of questions in Baidu, and every question has a link to his website. So some people reflect today to find information on the complaint post, found check check to see this website advertising (his website) answer useless, and all the answers to the questions answered almost all, behind a advertising, advertising website with malicious code "(later cited the answer URL) and said" too many ads, seriously affect the knowledge of Baidu know, just copy something with an advertisement to plug-in code "people, maybe this site is not deliberately poisoning people, maybe just a moment but the sites in the move, but is known, was a complaint.

results can be imagined, Baidu know ADMIN deal with the problem post, has been unable to access. The site was also opened by Baidu.

some people may think that this is only a case, but no one can guarantee that he will not become a case.

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