08 Baidu in ramble and after pain expansion

Zhuang Shuai: 08: Baidu in the throes of the expansion of

and abusive

it will soon be 08 years, this is definitely a memorable year of the Olympic Games for the first time in history, China held for China! So the Internet, especially Internet Chinese the most representative of the company, Baidu, should be a kind of Baidu


here we do not discuss "technology" such profound things, in fact, I am more interested in the "market strategy" level.

for Baidu, by the end of 07 there are indeed two very large market strategy action, let us look back at:

a large number of K station events: the first half of this event involves CNNIC 1 yuan CN domain name. Because countries want to popularize and control China Internet domain name is not controlled by the United States, launched the 1 yuan CN domain name registration, the original only registered company, later in the actual operation, found that the company was not too keen on CN domain, so the full range of release, all CN up! This is a good thing, the absolute good, until now I also believe that this historic event brings profound influence to the Internet Chinese. As China’s largest Internet company – Baidu, of course, will focus on the progress of the event, and respond accordingly. This response allows Baidu to become abusive objects, I personally feel that Baidu is wronged, but also very wronged. The reason why the K station, in fact, is to allow us to get more valuable information, rather than repeated information. If you think you automatically collected information is also hard work, so I prefer to call you to research the "aggregation" technology to enhance your information integration and processing capabilities, but not so hard to create a garbage station! (in "Zhuang Shuai: 1 yuan CN is how to improve China Internet domain name competitive?") on

two, enter the C2C event: This is occurring at the end of the event, after Baidu very high-profile announcement on a "talent pains", went to Hongkong looking for people to Liz, of course can make nothing of it. But from here, Baidu is not expected to heal pain in a short period of time. But on Christmas Eve, the "Alibaba Huanshuai" incident, seems to give Baidu C2C talent Mr. Sun after all a slim chance of survival, Taobao C2C steeped in the market for many years, although Taobao’s operation has not been profitable, but it is very successful. If the combination of these two events, the Baidu of the past 08 years is really full of new imagination! No wonder Wall Street also said: Baidu’s market capitalization is actually underestimated!

abusive or pain or Baidu will still be 08 new expansion. Maybe we can’t resist is Baidu’s "simple and access speed, starting from Baidu Post Bar, now the space and news aggregation, which embodies the two Baidu soul! About Baidu soul, please pay attention to" Zhuang Shuai: what is the soul of Baidu

? "

if this applies to the C2C market, the Baidu C2C will also bring new changes and experience! 08 Baidu >

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