Lu Cong using the hot social marketing occasion

this time is this a few days after the Dragon Boat Festival, epic disaster film great work [June 7th] college entrance examination at 9 in the morning the simultaneous release of radio and television, ignoring the approval, millions of actors gathered! The Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere has ceased to exist, but they will also eat dumplings to commemorate the next dragon boat, is actually feed under the belly. So we also know that the recent social hot spot is undoubtedly – college entrance examination. Today, the college entrance examination has ended, when its social effects in a large amount of time will not subside. That for each of these social hot spots, as network marketing, we should make good use of it?

the author today with you Sao Sao, for how to make the hot social marketing occasion. The so-called marketing occasion is simply through a good external environment to build a good marketing environment, in order to achieve the purpose of promotion we need marketing.


is not as hot as every college entrance exam can be directly taken to do hot. Although the annual college entrance examination must be a topic of discussion in the community. But how hot the college entrance examination. He can only last for 6.7 months. Slowly fade away as time goes by. And then struck again and again for second years. The network marketing we should not go to explore the hot it want to do SEO mining keyword, need to find out. There are too many social news on every year, what can let users interested in? We need to focus what is common between marketing things? These are what we discover hot must know and understand the local. Before the drug Xin to the nearest drug Xin death, why can fire on the network, he should seize the hearts of netizens. Let users can feel. This seems to make us think of the user experience. So hot and so on, more can dig.

hot line

we still get Yao to say things, like this case before the Chinese did? I don’t think that you must know the answer. So why is this medicine on the death of a new non – in fact, we have to admire the plaintiff lawyer, he let drug Xin Xin took to the Internet, so that users face the law directly. To a certain extent, it has evolved the war between the law and the people. If you don’t die, the law is wrong. The Chinese sentiment. Besides, let’s say the college entrance examination. If you only think from the perspective of the college entrance examination that will not have any major effect. But 7 Chinese online college entrance examination in 2011 0 just ended, composition is turned out. This is a case of network marketing with the help of social hot spots. So for hot marketing we should go to find more hot medium and small aspects of grasping an entry point. Combined with the practice, I think the effect is certainly very awesome.

hot spots

for today’s network on the Internet marketer, a network of thugs, I was really a bit scared. Personal feeling as a network marketing staff, the first step is to be the first step to their bottom line. Not as long as the money can

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