Zhou Kuan zero distance enterprises to develop a forum marketing program


forum also called a BBS platform there is communication, the rapid development of Internet users are increasing in the forum has become an indispensable part of the daily life of Internet users, more users are constantly growing, only the flow of search engine, the improvement and progress of network marketing, the development of the Internet in the forum is the most concentrated, the enterprise is in sale finger also slowly toward the big platform to spread their information, hype their own brand. Below and we discuss the enterprise contact forum marketing, how to carry out the implementation of the forum marketing and marketing programs.

first: enterprise analysis. The enterprise should position their own, which belong to the industry, the industry products for the crowd categories, consider yourself this industry is on the Internet can win a share, the Internet is a potential crowd in large numbers. For example: if the business is to do agricultural products then it is clear that the Internet marketing advantage is very obvious. So enterprises to carry out marketing, first analysis of their own.

second: Forum positioning and selection. The enterprise analysis well, positioning of their own industry, to carry out the forum location, some people would say that the forum what good positioning of the net on the line, the product information sent to Putian cover is good, this is also feasible, but the consumption of time and manpower is immeasurable. So the precise positioning is the forum categories, you should choose medicine and medicine related forums, such as: health forum. Only accurate marketing can be twice the result with half the effort.

third: the development of enterprise marketing information. This information is enterprise product advertising, but it can’t make simple advertising, must make more serious category information, such as AD, soft information, information planning must be creative, thinking. So it is necessary to complete the development of the East wind.

fourth: find forum resources. Forum positioning, enterprises should find large quantities of such forum resources, and then form a database, is increasing, so that enterprises can do Suhuang, forum resources for through search engines, also can find a professional company to buy directly.

fifth: forum registration vest. This vest registered must planning. Every relevant forum, there must be a corporate symbol vest. Eg: Huayi Lingyun technology, then in time to register all resources to each forum forum at least one such enterprise Ma3 jia3 appear, then each related forum registered dozens of scattered people vest. This ensures that the future of information maintenance and speculation.

sixth: information release and maintenance. The above five steps is for the final release and maintenance of information to do the groundwork, this step is the most important, the success of the forum marketing is the lifeblood of this. 1, the release of information, identify the forum related to the plate, with the development of enterprise information began to launch, do not need as long as the essence. 2, information maintenance, information on the later must make this information come alive, so need to use different vest to interact, fight for permanent posts.

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