nstantly video ten million Angel round of financing to narrow the distance from fun to knowledge su



, two, 3, quantum channel, more one food…… People’s visual needs have never been taken seriously. Short video with the people from the PC to the mobile side of the lifestyle changes, and a large number of market demand is also constantly spawned the emergence of a short video platform. Probably from the beginning of last year, the domestic track became very full very slowly, people have tasted, there are those who are from the vertical and then vertical squeeze in the field.

Instant Video (JKvideo) is one of the original content of the short video platform, "life, business, new knowledge" is the founder of Wang Liuquan to the location of the platform: the main living consumption upgrade, the commercial circle cut is nowadays a hot topic, the new knowledge is to explore the new technology. At present, instant video has received the Oriental Hiromichi lead investor, Jingwei China with investment of nearly 13 million yuan Angel round of financing.

immediately after the establishment of the first video, a series of short video and related delicacy. Although the delicacy class video has to be too numerous to enumerate but Wang Liuquan believes that, in the early shot short video threshold lifestyle is relatively low, but also from the audience closer into the market more easily. In order to avoid the homogenization of content, immediately choose to find fresh in theme settings, for example, they find some chef at the embassy, the embassy "Chef" shoot short video series delicacy.

, after all, to feed the audience’s visual needs, so almost all of the short video platform in the initial pursuit of the scene experience and entertainment. In Wang Liuquan seems, now a lot of short video platform can only provide users with interesting part, and immediately after the interesting addition". In simple terms, is the hope that the audience after watching a short video can Get to some skills.

commercial short video audience is relatively concentrated, and obtain high demands for information, the immediate video currently launched a "top investor investor said," an interview with the economist’s "life in economics" series of commercial short video; in the new short video, immediately "the power of science and Technology launched a series of short video" etc.. Wang Liuquan told 36Kr, immediately a series (6-12) from the planning to the finished product, fast words can be completed in about two weeks time. As of now, immediately has been filmed hundreds of short videos, more than and 50 short video has been broadcast on all platforms, including Feng Shui talk "instantly understand Feng Shui" series of more than 1 million 100 thousand the amount of play in the Sina micro-blog premiere.

commercial, immediate currently rely mainly on advertising cooperation to achieve commercial realization, and when asked whether to consider by building explosion brought considerable income effect, Wang Liuquan said, the so-called explosive goods are basically black swan, who also can not guarantee the explosive product output, although I hope so, but now the "immediate stage is to focus on the content of precipitation, the future can be extended to other services through multi-level > channel cooperation, video capture, video content distribution, customization, line

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