Behind crazy bitcoin push Wenzhou merchants speculation admission nouveau riche

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November 27th, crazy currency bitcoin trading platform in Toronto, Canada, once again hit a record high in Mt.Gox, reaching $1020 (RMB 6252). And in China, this madness has come a week ago. In November 19th, bitcoin currency. According to the bitcoin bitcoin trading platform Chinese largest Chinese (BTCChina) data, the transaction price of 18 days for each bitcoin is 3226.01 yuan, 19 days, then quickly climbed to 6570.88 yuan, the highest price reached 6989 yuan, only one day has doubled, while the terms of the beginning of the currency to bitcoin, appreciation about 90 times a year, become fully deserve global appreciation of the fastest assets.

bitcoin crazy! This wave of crazy, of course, the sense of smell Chinese "Nouveau riche". Their massive approach, is generally considered to be an important promoter of bitcoin boom.

Wenzhou merchants admission hype

as the most sensitive to the wind direction of the economy, behind every wave of asset inflation, the total figure of Wenzhou people. This round of bitcoin frenzy, Wenzhou people also did not miss.

Shanghai senior investment adviser Lin Fang Fang and Wenzhou business origin is very deep, has done for many years Wenzhou investment advisory. "About this at the beginning of the month, many Wenzhou businessmen found me, I consulted the bitcoin market. Honestly, I don’t know what is bitcoin, they forced me to "cram" bitcoin. The merchant of Wenzhou is the wolf on the economic hunting ground, they are extremely sensitive to the bloody flavor of money, this is praise, not criticism. In my interactions with them, they decided to put the market on a large scale." Lin Fang Fang told the IT times reporter.

in the heart of the 19 day of crazy jump, Wenzhou businessman and find Lin Duanfang, ask where to go. "I suggest they left, when 6000 yuan pocket for security. To be honest, I’m not too optimistic about the virtual market. At present, many governments are in contrast to bitcoin, too many unknown factors, there are too many factors of artificial speculation. The next two days, the price of bitcoin fell a lot, which has nothing to do with the speculation of Wenzhou."

according to bitcoin Chinese data, 20, a bitcoin transaction price down to $5110, 21 fell to more than $4256. After this, began to pick up, hovering stable between 5000-6000 yuan, the average transaction price of 27 yuan to 5642 yuan.

caught up with the market, not only the people of Wenzhou. Claiming to be "burrowing animal" Shanghai full-time investment Zhang Weimin, because on the quasi point, also earn a big ticket. "I started playing bitcoin at the end of last year. At that time, I know the new things in the United States a website, make a machine "mining". Purely entertainment, not too seriously, but also dug up dozens of coins, at the beginning of this year, but also to others." < >

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