nventory of those years of Baidu’s controversial wonderful thing advertising, medicine door, loopho

Baidu recently in those years, in the teeth of the storm, from Baidu Post Bar library now sell Post Bar Baidu have hemophilia, absurd thing you know? A check up.


Baidu recently sold Post Bar

raise a Babel of criticism of it. The transfer of hemophilia. It was a liar users worry about hemophilia control patients may delay the treatment, so the father Martin · Mora type confession ridicule Baidu. "First they and Putian act evilly in collusion with and I didn’t speak up, because I then push their PPC blazing with anger; and I didn’t speak up, because I can distinguish between right and wrong; then they come up with the Baidu family bucket, and I didn’t speak up, because I used MacBook; finally, they put the disease Post Bar sold, we have no retreat".

fact, 2016 01, 07, the Beijing News reported on the Department of Putian spent huge sums of money to work for Baidu. Putian Department of specialist hospital, the monthly auction by Baidu advertising to attract consumers, Kita Kamihiro and other first tier cities, the average patient needs to search engine to pay 3000 yuan to promote the fee. Putian Department of the hospital a year in the online search engine advertising scale or up to 20 billion yuan.


the evening of January 11th, the netizen is sold in the know Baidu broke Post Bar hemophilia, the original small bar suddenly were all scored. It is reported that Baidu’s Post Bar Xueyou now has 7712 users. Sina science and technology official statistics, Baidu post bar has 32 obvious commercial and commercial cooperation popular disease. Know almost user "ytytytyt" came up with a "Baidu Post Bar popular disease statistics," said nearly 40% of the popular disease has been sold.


on the morning of January 12th, Baidu was released on the issue of the popular disease was announced: disease type paste stop business cooperation is only open to authoritative public organizations. Hot disease problems, Baidu explained: "because of the particularity of disease category, Baidu Post Bar for such Post Bar only and related disease in the field of professional NGO organizations, from the official level of protection of the interests of the vast number of friends."

of guest comments: fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry is normal, but private enterprises in public hospitals can also understand, but through Baidu PPC advertising ways to lure consumers, it is really no limit. Department of Putian do Baidu for promotion, can’t live? Baidu’s official response has not yet! But medical advertisements have not been effective supervision, not to mention those who sold the Post Bar


want to Robin Li recently also a headache, but Baidu and Putian Department of pharmaceutical cooperation as early as the industry criticized.

pharmaceutical door: Baidu Putian pinch each other tough

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