P2P net loan for management but no one ignored chaos and frustration

net win the world flameout, refraction behind the industry chaos and helpless

IT Times reporter especially Xin Fei

P2P net loan and stalls things! The excellent easy loan, gold loan, Aetna outstanding escaped run away after the incident, at the beginning of August, the net win the world flameout, fully stop all net loan business, the user in the account of investment can not be removed, the situation was tense. 15%, 18% or even more than 20% per annum is like a gorgeous aura, so many investors into the P2P net loan, also contributed to the rapid expansion of the industry. However, behind the glossy, the whole system is fragile, financial security is always hidden as the shadow follows the form. Large P2P companies seeking to "be managed", however, the relationship between the government and the bank and the P2P website, is neither friendly nor aloof.

government regulatory lag

swept away investor money for their borrowers, forged virtual financing platform, misappropriation of investor funds…… P2P net loan industry not only let the dragons and fishes jumbled together threatened by growing crises, outsiders also make formal tremble with fear, net loan companies frowned. Pending regulatory policy in the past, many companies to survive self-discipline. The day before, Chinese microfinance alliance released the "Convention" P2P microfinance consulting services industry self-regulation, peer-to-peer lending, pat loans and other 55 P2P institutions signed a self-discipline convention.

According to the

P2P mechanism to achieve self-discipline, legal compliance management, put forward the fund management risk index, accurate strictly, so as to prevent false claims three requirements, also proposed P2P institutions should establish third party audit and three party legal supervision system, perfect business report and information disclosure system.

"now the government has no relevant regulatory measures, we can only rely on self-discipline." Insiders net loan companies Zi Min (a pseudonym) told "IT times" reporter, now a few unscrupulous companies take advantage of the bluff and deceive system, hit the P2P net loan signs, we are very angry. In fact, the big companies want the country’s regulatory policies quickly introduced, the industry norms, the problem will be cleared out of the net loan platform.

however, in the face of the P2P net loan this new thing, the government regulatory system is lagging behind, the day before, by the central bank, the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC, the Ministry of public security, legal office and other seven ministries Internet financial development and Regulatory Research Group has just started research on P2P net loan companies, specific plan is estimated to be only out to the end of the year. As for P2P net loan financial business, there is no clear regulatory authorities in this area, unless there are major criminal cases.

for the new Internet banking supervision, the Central Bank Deputy Governor Liu Shiyu said, this is a worldwide problem, most people want to have supervision, but how to supervise, which department supervision, also need a large amount of investigation and research. "If there is no perfect system of regulation and supervision, with its

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