Baidu Google WAP address to restore the landing area in Beijing

December 5th afternoon news, this morning there is news that the move to suspend the Google WAP address landing in the afternoon, Beijing Baidu and Google WAP site has been restored.

at present, Beijing Baidu WAP site address and Google WAP site address have been able to log in.


, for all the fee agreement with China Mobile’s WAP service providers and content providers, China Mobile has announced that, since the 30 day suspended all billing, and immediately carry out a comprehensive inventory from multiple aspects of the business name, business content, promotion channels, prohibit the use of advertising alliance and three party business promotion, the provide information security commitment guarantee, ensure that its contents can not have any jurisprudence information, everything possible to eliminate the interest relationship with the mobile phone pornographic websites.

Baidu, Google is an important mobile search engine, China Mobile to take some measures it is possible, but it can not be confirmed.

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