A5 webmaster network second B2B site operations training to accept registration

    in recent years, e-commerce market scale will be growing exponentially, B2B e-commerce platform integrated class will also be a very good development, the number of registered members, operating income of the current point of view, a comprehensive platform for Alibaba to more than 50% of the market share under the monopoly, and HC, Dunhuang Ming Network square net integrated B2B platform, so the comprehensive B2B site in the country has no room for development, too much on the contrary, vertical professional B2B flat Taiwan usher in development opportunities, such as my steel net global network in Chinese clothing net plastic rapid development, vertical professional B2B platform will become the future Chinese B2B market after power, there is a huge space for development.

with the B2B website of Alibaba, HC, global resources, etc. in recent years the success, more and more entrepreneurs to enter the field of B2B. According to market analysis, industry B2B is currently the most likely successful investment projects. But compared with the synthesis of B2B, industry B2B investors, grassroots webmaster more, most of the lack of funds, personnel and operation experience, resulting in industry segments B2B investor website failure probability is very big, especially does not implement the B2B company management of the industry portal. Therefore, A5 Adsense network joint China pig network to China’s small and medium-sized B2B webmaster launched a B2B site operation training, starting from the actual combat, improve the actual operation ability.

  enrollment object

        B2B website B2B head of corporate B2B website operations director.


Liu Pu

well-known industry vertical portal Chinese pig network founder, the development of electronic commerce China witness and practitioner, Chinese Internet Conference, network marketing conference, e-commerce Summit Forum speakers, as Internet executives, have successful entrepreneurial experience from scratch. Just 3 years, the company developed to the team of 40 people, the site to achieve tens of millions of revenue. Training features

first: there is a wealth of practical experience, good expression to allow students to complete the absorption of the second: improve the training of late guidance support, and constantly enrich the knowledge is essential!

third: video training +QQ group long-term guidance, so that each student has grown!

fourth: there must be 100% zero risk learning guarantee, zero risk commitment to let your learning no worries!

course arrangement

a, infrastructure construction articles

1 vertical industry market overview and Prospect Analysis

2 industry resource integration and pre project evaluation;

3 investment budget analysis and website construction; "

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