Liu Qiangdong had He Jianyan on NPC and CPPCC Lei

the weather cold, went to the opening of the annual national NPC and CPPCC. In 2016, including China, global capital market in the year of the monkey’s perception of breath, jumping up and down all kinds of index reflects the world economic situation is complicated.

since the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee was full of deep change behind the scenes, to the present, has to tackle tough stage, decision-making anchored to production, to inventory, leverage, cost reduction, supply side reforms make up the short board.

with a time axis, a comprehensive well-off society has entered the end of the five years. Last year released "13th Five-Year" plan (Draft) proposed, steadily promote the supply side structural reforms to promote economic restructuring and upgrading, accelerate the development of the power system, improve the quality and efficiency of development.

China is the world’s second largest economies, the shift of growth to maintain steady rhythm, and the outcome is "emerging power can cocoon. A good beginning is half the success, which makes this year’s two sessions of the NPC more than a layer of meaning.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the previous economic forum for scholars and entrepreneurs, to listen to the "government work report" that opinions and suggestions, the government should focus on the establishment of fair market rules and order, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, foster the development of new energy, the birth of a new model of new products and new formats.

enterprise is the protagonist of the market economy, is also the initiator of innovation. The "daily economic news" on the first day of the opening of the national NPC and CPPCC, special offer "100 entrepreneurs voice NPC and CPPCC" issue, brings together the thinking and vision of the industry heavyweights, suggestions and proposals.

Yang Yuanqing, Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong…… These well-known entrepreneurs are innovative Nongchao, is on the "Internet plus" and "Chinese 2025" step dance in the exploration. Dingxin "13th Five-Year", they are the vanguard.

Yan Liu, spring tide surging shear. We look forward to hearing more fresh and wonderful sound in NPC and CPPCC, looking for more affordable and powerful policy landing, as Chinese economy new strength to the final stage wrecker, to carry the tripod potential. (Hu Jian)

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong: electricity supplier legislation is an important guarantee for the healthy development of the industry

Chinese enterprises in the future only way to go the quality, brand, to put quality first, to support the development of a large number of local brands. Have a good brand, a high premium, the enterprise can have a profit in order to increase salaries to employees; employees can improve the quality of income to buy high-quality products; this can form a virtuous circle, to achieve the supply side reform breakthrough. Jingdong put forward the concept of quality, brand, product business, which is the new economy, the new order should follow the law. E-commerce has become an indispensable force in the development of the domestic retail industry, but the fake, "smuggled goods" is restricting the further development of e-commerce is an important problem. To curb counterfeit and shoddy, in addition to electronic business platform to strengthen self-discipline, the relevant regulatory policies and regulations promulgated also urgent. Electricity supplier legislation is the electricity supplier industry long-term, healthy development >

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