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 The rise of the world’s largest social network

once again set the boundaries of the old and new two worlds. If you don’t want to be the wave of the Internet revolution left behind, you need to know how to use it and the world more deeply to meet the consumers dropped out of Harvard, a former girlfriend, kicking off with little entrepreneurial brothers now making Former friends become enemies with each other.

Facebook (ticker symbol: FB) listed on NASDAQ is regarded as a landmark event in the Internet industry. Is by far the largest technology company IPO. A new generation of Internet companies has ignited the global investors since 2000, returning to the enthusiasm of the bubble in technology stocks in the past year, from LinkedIn to Groupon, Zynga, etc. a series of IPO, let Google be cast into the shade. Facebook is once again set the boundaries of the old and new two Internet world. Facebook has 900 million users worldwide, of which up to 526 million active users. The site added 3 billion 200 million comments a day, add photos of 300 million. Look around the world, there is no bigger social platform.

just spent 28 birthday of Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Elliot Zuckerburg) is the creator of all this.

crazy is not only the capital sector, nearly a hundred employees not only Facebook of those who will become a billionaire, and its customers, they say, "how can we use the world’s largest social networking platform to do marketing


but so far, the Chinese market in terms of Facebook or insulation.

Facebook revenue in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 45% over the same period last year, reaching $1 billion 58 million, of which 82% from advertising revenue, but in China is still zero. "Zuckerberg dreams of going to Chinese, just because of the reason as everyone knows nor." An anonymous Facebook staff told the global entrepreneur. Now, Zuckerberg spends 1 hours a day studying chinese.

, however, this does not prevent it Chinese customers rush on like a swarm of hornets.

last year, when a single light first went to Facebook’s office in Hongkong, the mood some lost also very surprised. Vice president of the bizark has never seen such a cramped office of foreign enterprises. Dozens of square meters inside the office, sitting only a few people." Dan Liang told the Global Entrepreneur, which is known as the biggest threat to Google is like a bag company, Google office in China hundreds of people, the first floor shop in the past very impressive".

although the psychological gap is very big, but the single bright must sit down to talk to them, because he is in the four seas

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