China Blog to clear all free user data with a period of time to say goodbye


BlogCN free blog data cleared, users nostalgia

express reporter Tang Peiyang

yesterday, China’s blog network announced the removal of all free user data, only to upgrade to pay VIP to enjoy a stable blog service. Some media administrative micro-blog with sad tone to report the event that BlogCN the many early bloggers had the first blog service for free users "abandon", in fact declared the official end of micro-blog, WeChat in the bombing of the blog era.

on micro-blog, there are friends joked about the BlogCN Miss became the exposed age posts, some 90 users said, never heard of BlogCN. The "hardcore" netizens lamented, although already forgotten in the BlogCN account and password, but those memories of youth really ashes to ashes the arrival of that day, or felt.

terminated free blog data export

in fact, BlogCN announced in December 19th last year to stop the free blog service, while in March 31, 2013 is only open to free users to export data backup deadline.

said at the time, BlogCN: after careful assessment, BlogCN will fully start charging service VIP, and from now on to stop free blog service. Please free users before March 31, 2013, self export data backup. Beginning in April 1, 2013, the site will no longer open data export, and no longer retain free user blog data."

now open, also can see the red words "on the cessation of free service of the notice", the notice said: "for ten years, BlogCN has been committed to providing the best service Chinese blog, but after spending 15 million dollars, we found unable to provide a stable blog service for users, but only under give priority to ensuring the interests of users pay


notice reiterated in March 31st export data deadline, warning "overdue will not be derived, but you can upgrade our exclusive VIP stable blog service


derived time users in the micro-blog angry complaint: "no! Why? How people do things?" and accused "clear data is not honest".

however, compared to May 31, 2011, BlogCN forced to upgrade the new system, resulting in the loss of all data users history blog event, the network of BlogCN against noise has been quite weak.

"say goodbye for a while"

BlogCN is not the first to close the blog service, as early as the beginning of 2010, Microsoft, MSN on the globe

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