Seal a union tax deduction about tax payment vouchers a penny

now talk about a "penny" personal income tax clearance certificate that the Xiamen trial of taxpayers mailing tax payment certificates of personal income, this work will be launched nationwide next year.

2007 March 19th, Fujian city of Xiamen Province, the workers returned home from Jiangxi Liu, a return to the construction site, will be called the janitor Uncle Zhang: "there is a letter of the Xiamen Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to send your express mail here lasted for half a month, fast away."

"Local Taxation Bureau? I have never dealt with them?" Liu hurried to open look, the original is a personal income tax certificate. The above table shows that he paid a total of 0.01 yuan in 2006 personal income tax of $12. He hastened to inquire about the financial staff, that their wages last December after deducting pay social insurance premiums after a total of 1600.28 yuan, the financial personnel shall withhold his tax 0.01 yuan.

and Liu as "1 cents" tax bill is a blue winter even, Xiamen Tourism Products Co. Ltd production processing. Last November, her piecework plus full attendence award, technical level of subsidies and housing subsidies, payment of social insurance premiums shall be deducted, her monthly income is 1600.23 yuan. Financial personnel according to the individual income tax the full detailed declaration requirements, withholding 0.23 yuan 5% tax, four to five homes is 1 cents.

for only a "penny" tax, I make 10 dollars Speedpost, Xiamen has 71 people received only 1 cent tax on ems. This is one thing, triggered a large-scale discussion of the whole society, many people think that each tax cost more than 10 yuan, to accept this person is a penny to tax receipt is not worthwhile.

: paper and printing costs 0.8 yuan tax itself, envelope cost 0.8 yuan, express delivery fee of 5.6 yuan. The 3 together, 1 copies of the certificate of tax payment to spending 7.2 yuan. That is to send you this 700 thousand copies of tax paid, only issued and sent 1 copies of the certificate of tax payment, will spend at least 30 minutes to 1 tax cadres working hours, labor costs per tax 4 yuan, converted in labor costs, only 7 – 1 cents in taxes, the tax authorities spent nearly 800 yuan fee use.

so the actual calculations, each tax cost is about 11.2 yuan. I want to ask all grassroots webmaster and all the website now, "a penny" personal income tax tax issue, is it worth it? If you think you are a businessman, think it is not worthwhile, then you are only a short-sighted business, just a personal gain but not see the development of the merchant.

an entrepreneur is the "penny" attitude, the immediate loss, a loss of what? This is to give an account of the world, this is a responsible attitude, this is an absolutely can do well with a little mind the loss for the people, for.

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