Phoenix TV network in 2007 to comment on the list of the top ten winners


Phoenix Network in Hongkong in the 2007 year of the network’s top winners in the selection of the network Admin5 ranked third

giant network: Shi Yuzhu has been committed to health products, suddenly shouted: I understand the game! Thus, the giants listed!

Baidu: Robin Li announced in 2008 to enter the C2C market, Baidu earned 1 billion eyeballs, it can be predicted that the 2008 will be an extraordinary year!

webmaster network (Admin5): the main circle of the new forces, tens of millions of yuan monthly circulation here, is currently China’s largest domain name trading center.

Fujian Internet cafes Union: mysterious on-line, and the potential to capture the East China Internet cafe market.

Sina: sina on finance, or more in the province.

Sohu: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games exclusive network sponsors, enough cattle.

Teng Xun QQ: low-key launch of QQ whirlwind download software, a full range of offensive internet entertainment market.

Alibaba: listed nearly 1000 millionaires, at the moment the most exciting should be ma.

Ali mother: reshape the new pattern of Internet advertising, network advertising is more simple.

YAHOO: launch site statistics system great affinity for large, medium and small webmaster, Ma once again won the full house!

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