Mobile payment in the current payment marking in the end can give the transaction on the lock

according to the daily economic news, the people’s Bank of China issued a "Chinese financial mobile payment payment marking technique standardization in November 9th" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") to inform the industry standard, announced in December 1, 2016 will be the full implementation of the payment technology (Payment Tokenization) marker.

is reported that, "standard" at the same time to determine the basic structure of payment marking technology, provides the application of payment markup system interface, security, risk control and other requirements.

what is payment markup


in July this year, the central bank issued on the further strengthening of bank card risk management notice, the first payment labeling technology, designed to solve the problem of bank card theft and information disclosure.

According to the

MBA think tank Wikipedia, pay marker is a technology by the international organization for standardization EMVCo chip card issued on 2014, by using payment marker (Token) to replace the bank card transaction authentication, avoid the card number and other information disclosure risk.

specifically, payment tag uses a unique value (consistent with the main card number consists of 13 to 19 digits) to replace the main account bank card, at the same time to ensure that the value is limited to a specific business, channels or equipment. In a bank card payment transaction, the payment mark replaces the card number, and the validity period of the payment mark replaces the validity period of the bank card, thereby enhancing the security of the transaction without affecting the transaction processing.


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as early as 2013, China UnionPay has been carried out on the payment of the relevant technical research and product implementation. December 2014, China UnionPay and China Southern Airlines launched UnionPay card a key payment service, for the first time will be paid to mark the Pearl River pearl. 2015, ICBC and China UnionPay and VISA launched the HCE cloud payment credit card products, will pay the mark to the credit card service. In July this year, China UnionPay also released the China UnionPay payment marking technical guidelines, further to mark the specific application of payment explained.


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is now widely used UnionPay cloud flash pay on the integration of the payment function of marking. To use the Apple Pay as an example, the payment process performance of the mark, the first payment based on the tag generation device number, then generate chip personalization data matching and load it into the mobile phone device, the mobile phone to replace the core.

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