9158 of the company’s nouveau riche wishful thinking the traditional KTV leather.

9158, "to me", "to me", from the two name on the user, more ran to the former, the low-key nouveau riche company Columba group’s 9158 harvest of the latter.

last year, 9158 revenue on the breakthrough of the year, and then, the rich handsome Internet industry, there are people who do not know the company, but also did not experience their many online interactive video products such as.



Online video show

a group of grass root poly in their love of beautiful anchor, looking at the pictures in the young beautiful woman anchor swallow song, listen to her singing, and she chat, spend real money to their goddess send a variety of virtual gifts, for the goddess of a "thanks" and praised it excitedly. To a climax.

and each anchor Baojianli there are one or two small dirt boss, they are rich, but the cultural level is not high, they live in the three or four line of the city, high-end nightclubs and other entertainment facilities are not perfect, and not to mingle like Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other entrepreneurs Niubi circles, but they also need to prove to the world itself is also very niubi.

in 9158 in the video show, they found paradise, here is the sexy beauty jiaochen called his brother, a group of fans cheering for their grass root, his mind was comforted.

so the bosses happy, send gifts to all female anchor and private room, it is a common thing. The most afraid of is the two soil boss meet, feel than the other cow force, in order to get a woman’s heart, in order to show more crowd of fans, they struggled to account recharge, buy virtual gifts more expensive, clamoring for their common love of the female anchor, such a "bucket the rich" is said to have a night spent millions, until their first defeat of the bucket boss, get the cheers of the audience.

this is a true picture of the more than 9 thousand and 158 video online interactive, most of them from the three or four line of the city, in the city you may never feel their presence, but they are more than you are willing to spend money on the internet.


shot palm need for the research industry and write the manuscript (really, haha), visited the 9158 show, lurking in the virtual room a beautiful anchor in her singing and fans, most of the time the picture behind the beautiful anchor is their boudoir bed sheets and hanging the clothes at a glance, the atmosphere did is ambiguous. Show that even some fancy tacky page is really shot palm dazzling, Shuabing fans too serious, chat page scrolling, all kinds of virtual gifts flying all over the sky, the screen also constantly floating word and be riotous with colour, see the video in the beautiful anchor, get shot palm thoroughly to keep up with the rhythm, can not enter the completely the noisy world, it is the balance of IQ >

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