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The old Xie Xie

"consumption psychology soft literature" has been mentioned earlier: "talk about the concept, the consumption psychology soft literature" in this article, this article is the old Xie "consumer psychology literature" the first soft article.

today to give the majority of the old master to tell "consumer psychology soft literature" consumer psychology.

young people’s consumption psychology

in China, a large number of young consumers, but also the main goal of all enterprises competing for consumption. Therefore, it is of great significance for the management and development of the store to understand the psychological characteristics of young consumers. Generally speaking, the psychological characteristics of young consumers have the following:

1) the pursuit of fashion and novel

young people are passionate, active thinking, imagination, love adventure, these characteristics are reflected in consumer psychology, is the pursuit of fashion and novelty, love to buy some new products, try a new life. Under their leadership, consumer fashion will gradually form.

2) apparent self and personality

During the period of

, the self-consciousness of the young people is increasingly strengthened, and the pursuit of independence is strongly pursued. The psychological characteristics reflected in consumer behavior, is the love to buy some distinctive merchandise, and these goods are best reflects your personality, personality of those general, not the goods, they are generally a contemptuous disregard.

3) impulsive, emotional

because of life experience is not rich, the ability of analysis and judgment for the young people of things is still not fully mature, their thoughts and feelings, interests, personality is not completely stable, so in dealing with the matter, often emotional, even impulsive behavior. The psychological characteristics of their performance in consumer behavior, it is prone to impulsive buying, in the choice of goods, emotional factors accounted for a dominant position, often can meet their emotional desire to decide on the goods as long as their likes and dislikes, love thing, will try to make purchasing decisions quickly.

elderly consumer psychology

in an increasingly competitive environment, companies must focus on the analysis of the psychological characteristics of the middle-aged and elderly consumers. The psychological characteristics of the middle-aged and elderly consumers are mainly as follows:

1) full of reason, little emotional impulse

in elderly consumers because of life experience, the emotional reaction is generally more stable, less emotional, often with reason to control their own behavior. Therefore, they are more careful in the consumer, not as young as the impulse to buy behavior.


very careful in reckoning

older consumers generally have small, they can according to their actual needs to pay attention to the purchase of goods, thrift, for goods >.

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