Several alternative ways to get traffic


variety of the promotion of the site can be seen in ADMIN5, but most of them is more orthodox. I do more than a year, his whole out several offbeat now and share with you, don’t write well we don’t call


1 * * station

ha ha ~ is the kind of stand, because it is not illegal so often to replace the server for the domain name

I did the station for 48 days, it is still a new station, traffic every day at around 150, from GOOGLE to flow only 3, 4, (please who show I QQ289623329, oh my station is


today I use 51LA statistics to see, there are actually 15, it is very unusual, so I see what keywords to, I also think GOOGLE Pidianpidian rankings. The result is this ~ ~! We look at ah


This is what

ah ~ tuiliangbu.? so I point to



t ou is a porn station. I often go to see the Baidu benchmark, there are many words you think, almost every day to find www.***.** these words there is pornographic porn station, station to replace the domain name, domain name, but there is always a certain rule, CN yuan, clever webmaster use up. Anyway, people at risk of



said is not slanderers isplagiarism. For many webmaster is not like me Chaozuo capital.

for an example, I’ve read an article about the real Jolin: a radical Taiwanese independence… ( saying that when Liu Dehua died, no one would want to believe, but someone would click on it!

we don’t call me ah ~ said is an alternative method!

3 key typos

this is also very simple, such as the Liu Yifei into Liu Yifei do not know how much, we do, but do it, Liu Yifei,,, ~~~~~~


there are key words pinyin is also noteworthy ~

ha ha ~ ~ do not scold me here ah

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