Fences, SNS and others

Internet director Club yesterday held a party, the guests are from the fence COO Xu Xiangtao.

fence net is a grass-roots legend, from city life forum had become the largest decoration development community, and is married to the industry surrounding extension, also did not lose the color of its community, especially to attract a large number of female users. It is said that Shanghai has fence girl, broadband man, talking, that is, girls are soaked in the fence, the boys are all in the broadband mountain.

is it true? Ask the students in Shanghai.

due to the director of Club is mainly CTO, product director, so the focus of the conversation is the fence products and technical advice, based on the other requirements do not disclose. But IDC’s VP in Wanning, the topic quickly led to the SNS, so most of the party is to discuss SNS.

Title 1 SNS can bring what


I think, as early as in joyo.com inauguration, summed up the electronic commerce (refers to the Internet business activities) are the three main bottleneck, namely, credit, logistics and payment. With the development of technology, logistics and payment are no longer an important threshold, and credit is a simple technology can not be solved, thus greatly improving the transaction costs. The SNS people – people – relationships, can reduce the relative cost of trust, which can save resources, pooling is a lot of profit space.

but at this question also have, especially in Wanning and Xu Xiangtao, the ability to manage and maintain an enlarged (1 million users) between the user trust relations, said very suspicious. The result of the discussion, AMD Li Hui do not think any one of the "business" as IPO "business" to look for SNS, this new thing, we first need to unite and develop user, explore business opportunities in this process, Youku VP students in favor of the dragon.

what do you think SNS can bring to


Title 2 receive above, more users, how to maintain and develop community atmosphere, and not be holding users


community by the user generated by the community culture, such as Wine Association, song Association, etc., can play a role in the early lubrication and unity of the user. However, in accordance with the principle of centralization, the formation of the rules of the circle management approach is in conflict with. The association is like the game guild, may not have a mandatory management, so how to expand the user base after the station side views can not be powerful user will held


CSDN Han Lei introduced the moderator CSDN community as many as more than and 200 hierarchical management mode, Pyramid mode but it is taken from the BBS management, will form a central point, which is consistent with the SNS

in the future?

topic 3 how to look at the cultural and business conflicts of SNS?


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