Push one how to promote the apparel industry forum

some of my friends asked me why I had to bring the URL in the series. This article is to hope that through a number of specific examples of the site, and to explore the operation and promotion of the website of the specific skills and some of the matters needing attention. So if there is no display of these sites, only the words described, it is difficult to issue the article. And I also look at the Internet every day, found that most of the main theory, the lack of examples of analysis, so there is a push on the diagnosis of this series of articles. Also note that, because all belong to the question and answer immediately, so the wording and content of the article, more rough, but it is true from the actual point of view to analyze. Today to analyze a clothing industry forum.

landlord question: a garment industry forum to promote? Http://bbs.51nacs.com/, this is the sunrise (online clothing CAD portal website), a forum for fashion designers and clothing design enthusiasts launched, here we can exchange experience, learn to better design ideas, and to know more insiders. Forum just on-line, so there are some promotional work to do, here to seek a website to push the diagnosis of expert advice and support, thank you!

users reply: as I used to say, the promotion should also study the user, especially the industry website, we must first understand the user, know what they want, what they want. For the forum, even more so. In the first step, the promotion is not foreign, but on the inside, the first to lianhaoneigong. Forum to succeed in fact, the most important thing is not promotion, is the operation.

for most of the forum, at least should have the following four points to promote.

1, there is at least one very attractive and sticky section. For example, many forums have some.

2, at least one expert or hero. Is the kind of fans in the forum in particular, can be an active atmosphere, even in the industry have a certain amount of. Especially for the industry forum, but also how. For example, you can find a clothing industry very influential people in your forum is very bad, if not, you can fry a.


can provide scarce resources, or is very tight. For the clothing forum, such as some design drawings, related to the download of small computer tools, I do not understand the clothing ha, blind to write.

4, newly registered members, the first time someone called him. For the new post and reply, the first time give answers.

has more than four points, and then to promote, if not, pull people can not stay, after all, the forum is the need for interaction. In fact, the above four points are just some of the foundation, there are many operations. If you can first do a good job of the forum, even if it does not promote the reputation among the members of the legend is also very scary, happy network is a very good example. Although he is not a forum, but

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