WeChat marketing circle of friends 30 days practice notes WeChat sold wolfberry case summary

September 7th -10 15, with WeChat marketing circle of friends, sold 38988 yuan, 3600 yuan wolfberry honey, total retail sales 42588 yuan! This is the heavy rain and the butterfly (hd12306), with the help of WeChat marketing circle of friends, the actual 30 days of quantifiable results


see "win in China sky", when blue team failed to comment on Ma said a word: "we want to win, we think luck where! We lost, to think what we can do, I will win!" this in this way to sum up!


first, the ability to practice good management time

actually shipped from the water at WeChat circle of friends in sales is not very stable, more than 4000 yuan, a few yuan less! Behind sales unstable, hides a reality, is our time and is not very good! In fact, working six days a week of heavy rain, at nine every morning. Till six PM, not at all easy! Practically every day can be used in the Taobao store on time is very little, I’ve never even hung over here! Therefore, I can only take time to use usually scattered, in the WeChat circle of friends to send information, by voice or text reply your advice…

a few days ago, the butterfly to joke that you quit it, open the second career, specially himself medlar and honey! Because she found that we did a month, water is OK, but need to solve the problem of too much, if you put your heart into it, sales will be particularly good! (I believe we have many friends around, will have such impulse: feel start doing well, like the work in front of all the fetters, pay better than snacks all day, but also to see the boss’s face, Lao Tzu simply quit, resign directly to engage in full-time Taobao, engage in marketing circle of friends over two years, the successful in the official career when his boss, how cool!)

then I said to her, this is what the tens of thousands of water? We are really busy, or there is no reasonable plan and arrange the time? May the water do one hundred thousand, we don’t talk about the recruit full-time! To do now, is to do our work under the premise of reasonable. Arrange the time, other people’s time to drink coffee in a daze, time, time, idle time depressed… To make good use of spare time! Is not enough, we will draw evening and weekend time! To put their own time management, improve the utilization efficiency of the best things to talk show.


management time, not just to do a good job planning, improve the efficiency of use, more is to understand how to grasp the rhythm of WeChat circle of friends marketing. What is the best time to release effect, what time the most popular, best every time, send what kind of information? Each customer from consulting to the average turnover time is how much? What kind of sales technique most commonly used, the most effective, these are to be solved in the circle of friends in marketing.

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