How fast and fun QQ space

whether to do WeChat or QQ space, we need is popularity. We found that there are a lot of space is thousands of miles, or even higher.

may be a lot of people will ask, why others can in a very short time in the space to do thousands of thousands of views, and do their own half a year or so thousands of views.

in my opinion, we do the first thing is to do the amount of fans, second is our content. We all say that beauty is king, but we only have good content for us to spread out.

what kind of space should we do when we make space? Now our main space types are the following:

1: funny class

2: text class

3: affective class

4: comic class

5: beauty


in this class I value the most is our emotion and beauty of self-cultivation, because we can do these two kinds of precision fans, we are attracted to the female fans, this is now in the promotion of products in many customers are in need of such number. For customers to attract more people into higher, for us, we can earn more money. I have a friend who is doing the beauty of self-cultivation, although only a few thousand views about every day, but every day to find his promotion of customers have several, they have two of these, a push is two numbers together, do not push alone. Quote out of the bargain, you do not push, anyway, there are other customers.

I looked at what he was promoting the old Chinese medicine, secret recipe and other products. Chinese medicine to lose weight, these are also more concerned about women, so the transformation is better. There is a more accurate number of his fans, not only women but also mostly between the ages of 20 to 30 years old, these people also have the ability to consume. You push hundreds of products we are able to buy.

The number of visitors and friends of our

QQ is directly proportional to, under normal circumstances, our traffic is about 20%, so that we put our traffic to 2000-3000, so we are a bit difficult. However, whether we do which platform, what we need is a certain base, when we reach a certain base, we forwarded content jade to add new friends.

in the popularity of space we need to pay attention to the following points:

first: content editing

content directly determines the number of forwarding and reading, we all know that our friends are forwarded through our content, so as to get new friends. In the early days, when we visited one thousand or two thousand of the time, the amount of forwarding we can reach hundreds of times, in general, is the case of twenty or thirty, >

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