White Valentine’s day talk about how to do a good job on the site of the holiday promotion

today is March 14, 2013, the legend of the White Valentine’s day, this time should be the flower market is very popular holiday, so many flowers are crazy prices. Do some flowers reservation website traffic can be increased, especially the local flower market, Valentine’s Day is just several times a year, so whether it is the entity of businesses or flowers reservation site, don’t miss this rare opportunity for profit, then these flowers should be how to do a website such as the promotion of local Valentine’s day? Flowers booking site as an example, we have to do with the line and the line is as follows:

first: online promotion

as shown above, this is a local flower reservation site in Hefei, and do the bidding Baidu. The word search "Hefei flower" can be seen in the top, there are many flowers reservation sites do SEO optimization, if your website can do Baidu bid, or natural ranking on the first page, of course, to increase the number of traffic in recent days. I see the flowers reservations made a special page, but the disadvantage is that only one picture links to related pages, and no planned special page theme, "let us love burn!" also did not highlight this slogan meaning. Do a good job during the festive period of the page, we have to vigorously promote this topic page, you need to advance a month or longer to warm-up activities. Of course, this activity refers to online activities, which can be used to carry out the activities of the most simple is the QQ group or YY online video, open a room in the YY to do an activity, and then ask a few activities moderator.

as to how to spread the activity information in the network? Can help QQ group, forum and other places, such as: Hefei Hefei forum, belongs to the local portal website, there is a chance to work with. Because the local flower reservation site of the overwhelming majority of customers are locals, so you can narrow the scope of many, as Valentine’s Day is a natural man to send flowers to MS, target customers can be locked in young men.

second: offline promotion

is the online promotion, local flowers booking site the most direct way to do offline promotion, can plan what activities? Cost less, and the effect is good, the easiest way is to make a small gifts activities require couples to participate in, such as: what’s a kiss. After the event to give them a small gift, of course, the gift of advertising information. Content is introduced: March 14, 2013 White Valentine’s Day activities, to promote the Valentine’s Day special events. Even if it is a local flower market also has a lot of competition, so why did you choose your customer? I think that men will not mind too much on the price, the cheaper your point does not matter, the most important is the ability to express their thoughts, for example in each bunch of flowers with a very romantic card. In addition, you can also work with the hotel to engage in an activity, such as: Valentine’s Day Couple packages or something

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