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has recently been to his new station (Linux, to do promotion, is also in the process to master certain skills, in addition to the content of adhere to the original, high quality, to help users outside, there are some other skills, some of the details that need to pay attention to the promotion. Grasp these details will make your promotion twice the result with half the effort, with the easiest way to do the best promotion effect.

today to share what we write soft text should be aware of the content and attention to some tips.

we do before the promotion, be sure to make some minor adjustments to their own articles, including the use of these words, the accuracy of the statement, fluency, discourse, etc.. Improve the quality of the content, which is fundamental, there is no good content, so that people do not see substantial help, this is not the promotion of the vitality of the soft. If we can write a high quality article, let the user see the love, even at the end of it, often want to look at, can make people feel natural and meaningful, admire the author, some may even pay attention to author, for example we 80 one of Han Han’s work, great we will often have a natural resonance, the awareness to focus on some of the reports about Han Han, and sometimes will take the initiative to go online to search for information about him, news, blogs, articles and so on, we write the same, so write a good soft, sometimes can play a good effect than the low quality of soft Wen write ten articles.

about the content, remember to do some invisible propaganda, invisible propaganda should follow the principles: 1, not far fetched (i.e. advertising not too serious); 2, to set up the suspense to the reader, let him go into your website to promote the initiative. The latter is the sublimation of the former. Two points is simple, but sitting up is very need wisdom, this is the details of the deal, is to grasp the details. Some colleagues used some methods, such as by way of example, publicity, when they said one of the more difficult to understand their arguments, they will give their own promotional website to illustrate the problem, readers will naturally enter the site through to understand the author’s argument, if readers enter the site I feel useful on their own, perhaps will remember this website, at this point, the author of the promotion play a role. There is also a friend to write a special article on their own website publicity learned some things, so that people soon interested in, and then go to the site to confirm the author’s experience.

, of course, is said to be dedicated to the promotion of their own site to take some of the methods. In fact, other sites do the same, but you have to say the professional knowledge is not the same. If you are doing animation website, you should write about the knowledge of animation, when you are in the examples, the reader is enough, you can prompt them into your web site to learn more knowledge.

if you have a picture in your article, the watermark is

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