From the perspective of communication, YY’s two acquisition is a bad marketing!

introduction: from the industry point of view, the two acquisition is very positive to try YY self content: short board by means of capital supplement channels, brand and staff. But from the point of view of news communication, YY this time is really not pretty enough.


The most important event last week

education industry, than the YY two shots Monday: the acquisition of the Zheng Renqiang team, on Thursday announced the acquisition of global online.

from the industrial point of view, the two acquisition is a very positive attempt to build content outside of YY: by means of capital channels complement the brand and the short board of teachers. But from the point of view of news communication, YY this time is really not pretty enough.

Zheng Renqiang, the annual income of millions of 300 million acquisitions, but as long as the 120 million

global school?

December 8th, 100 Education announced the acquisition of the Zheng Renqiang team, and the establishment of 100 school. Many media reports, full of transaction amount 300 million this figure.

wording point of view, all 300 million yuan are the source said". Although there is no conclusive evidence to judge the sources for the YY internal staff, but from the acquisition of Internet Co in news communication and the common "- – the official disclosure of the amount of the acquisition rumors that" process (sometimes also put some smoke bombs, with some other true acquisition information to confuse the public, such as learning?), is not the amount of the outside world imagined, at least officially have never denied.

300 million! The people know the truth can only exclaim so many people have the nouveau riche, of course: the Zheng Renqiang team points half believe and half doubt the annual income of millions, breaking the toes is dream also not the number to.

if 300 million is YY transmission planning out the burst point, two days after being ruthless face — the brand stronger, the annual income of million yuan level price of only 120 million, global online, at least that YY is not what the money is not bad. The 300 million gold master, Zheng Renqiang, also can oh.


has become the trend of financing / acquisition of water, but the small amount to be disclosed in the announcement (Note: reach a certain amount of mandatory information disclosure of listed companies), and to know that two days after the announcement, that while this is obviously wrong in 300 million, that is your right


two: the same nature of event marketing, interval of two days?


acquisition of Zheng Renqiang is still not clear, two days after the announcement of the YY global online purchase. YY hope that through a combination of punches to the education industry to a final. But do not forget, the process of information dissemination, the value of different dimensions of information synergy, much larger than similar information. The depth of print media and other content carrier before the event of Zheng Renqiang brewing, fermentation, attention was immediately attracted to global e-campus, wasted a good material for a "grass root" counter attack.

information on the capital level, and product, data, features, such as collaborative release, >

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