Li Zhu ener angel to entrepreneurs 8 tips

Go to the "Kumbum Monastery"

when I went to Qinghai last year, I asked where the master "how can become a Buddha?" he did not tell me "you should quit primary afflictions, but what to do? Is the three words" kindness, wisdom and courage". In fact, I have always been in the understanding of Buddhism, my greatest inspiration is the brave. Everyone there may be Buddhism are complacent, not to engage in what adventure, but courage is become a buddha. Our founders, in many segments of the industry, if you are careful to analyze, ranking first in the industry of the company is definitely not the business model design of their clever, they are the founders of how awesome, not, but because of the brave.

Beijing is the first one shook his trick car not yet, now a taxi drops the winner, because they dare to expand; beauty group faced "thousand group war", then there are thousands of companies to do, but the U.S. group made a brave move to the first three or four lines of the city to you all in a second tier city, brave launched consumption can not refund the final group purchase, has won the trust of consumers.

so that you can never drift beyond the others, courage is the first priority. All of the founders, including, including all of the founders yingnuo Buddy you will remember, your most important responsibility is to use this kind of mentality brave, lead your team to fight the crowd, especially in the capital now cold environment, you may encounter many difficulties, this time the need is courage and faith.


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is a brave dare to trial and error, the cheapest and fastest trial and error, adjust their cognitive direction. But as the knowledge you must dare to admit, when you discover you are wrong, you must tell your partner, "brothers, I was wrong, then we change a direction", this is called self awakening ability. Have the ability to wake up the founder, in order to be truly successful, it is possible to do the first industry.

second "speed". Speed is related to the product, we are now doing products are often such a rocket launch of Microsoft – I did two or three years before the final product to do, on the line before it was not successful. But now the best model of innovation is the Silicon Valley, with the user zero distance, the fastest speed and user docking, lean entrepreneurship, in order to iterate with the user’s own products. Because the speed is too important, we saw a lot of the industry’s most powerful companies are two times a year into the financial capital, because they are fast enough. At that time, we are generally a business venture capital once a year, the valuation can be doubled on the good, and now it is not the case, and some companies can turn 10 times a year valuation. As we have just said that science and technology, we put into six months ago to now the valuation of this round of financing has turned 20 times. So the speed is very important.

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