Based on the nternet to talk about local e-commerce training

often talk about the local Internet and e-commerce industry in Shantou, I always think of a person. He is a friend of my friend, although not rich handsome, but there are also some family property. The long-term vision, after the Internet bubble burst Chinese, his hands for a while, with hundreds of thousands and less than ten people into the Internet industry, to promote the brand to do a local business website. Business model is simple, only advertising fees. Anyway, at that time, and even today, many sites also still rely on advertising to survive? Go back to the friends of friends, everywhere in the recent years, many entrepreneurs, occasions we can see him as resourceful, also make a lot of business owners, because of friendship or on his website advertised. How to survive the market because of the friendship, the promotion of the website is very limited, is to add the line to make up for the magazine, advertising effect is still not satisfactory. So a few years, and finally closed down.

in fact, I want to say that the content is not related to the content mentioned above, I do not want to talk about his business, do not want to talk about his business model, and even do not want to talk about what he should do in the end. Because these are useless, I just want to say that he is a good learning Internet entrepreneurs fail. So he said that he had failed, to talk about his studious.

a friend has commented the entrepreneurs: "this person is so stupid, what all do not know how to engage in the Internet, the industry is burn." I thought he was stupid, but then I realized that I could see him in a lot of training. So I think he is at least very silly very serious. So I talked to him and asked him why he took so many training, he said: the Internet is developing too fast, a lot of things with each passing day, do not learn will be eliminated. Now operating this company, do not learn how to manage, how to do well? I think it is also the Internet, business knowledge, management knowledge…… As a boss to enter the Internet or e-commerce, there are too many things to learn. However, when his company went bankrupt, I realized that what he had learned did not change his fate. Knowledge to change the fate of this sentence, if he set up, then it would be better not to learn at the beginning.

maybe everyone who is now fighting on the Internet will have such a case. If we take into account the positive impact on society or the industry, we seem to be able to publicize some of the success of the Internet because of learning. However, I would like to say that the people who believe in the fate of knowledge to say that, before the change of fate of knowledge, the first change is you. Only when knowledge changes you and you are able to use it, can this knowledge really change your destiny to the good. Otherwise, the final result may like a pair of men and women like before finally Former friends become enemies with each other. rujiaosiqi, knowledge does not help you, but you also blame the knowledge.

before we learn knowledge or help others learn knowledge, we must first understand how people learn about knowledge. Almost everyone has gone through the stages of school learning

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